Friday, June 29, 2007

It's a 'blogiful' night! Belated Father's Day + Early Birthday

Seems like so many things have happened within the past week. I know, I should've had a post everyday this week...oh'll have some catch-up reading to do!

We were cruising on Father's Day so we weren't able to have a family celebration. It turned out so Daddy was able to be in town (he had a job interview in Jackson, TN...pray about that, thanks! Celia wasn't here...we missed you CeCe!). Anyway, Donald and I volunteered to host the dinner...since we never host the big holidays...and since Donald makes SUPER burgers. We had a great dad, who loves old cars and such, got a cool new 'Grandpa' t-shirt from the babies.

This is Papa Tom!

The other part of the party was dedicated to my Grand-daddy/Papaw. His birthday is the 30th of June...what a great reason to have burgers and CAKE (the BEST cake in town, made by none other than Aunt Rhonda!). Papaw got some dough, a gift card, a shirt, a cooler and a partridge in a pear tree...uh, I mean, a case of wax for his cars. It was really special to celebrate another year with him. Here are some pictures...and let me just say, they didn't seem too excited KNOWING they were going to get blogged!!! They are troopers.......thanks guys, love ya!

The night started off with a great storm...Donald was grilling with lightning flashing around him. Ella was really great with Papa usually takes her a while to warm up to him since she doesn't see him much, but this time she jumped right in his lap. He was so tickled! We concluded the night with a beautiful wonderful...God sure makes some pretty things!

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