Monday, July 23, 2007

Playground Fun!

We have children that *typically* LOVE to go to the fact, Evan can see the mall in the distance and start yelling 'MALL, MALL, MALL'. Why, you may ask. It's because they know they will usually get to do at least one of the following...ride the carousel or play at the playground. We were at the mall just the other day and here are a few shots of the kiddos playing at the playground.

They always have a great time. Ella comes to me everytime and asks who she can play with. I tell her to go meet someone and ask their name...and she does. One night we were there and there were two other girls named 'Ella' about the same age...that's funny. Evan always teaches the other kids how to go down the slide...backwards! That's our crazy boy!

We have spent too much time at the mall lately. I finally had an eye exam earlier this year and FINALLY went to fill the prescription at Lenscrafters. I thought I picked some nice frames for both glasses and sunglasses. I had a small issue with the glasses so I went in for an adjustment. One side turned out fine...the other, I found out later, was actually overheated and scorched resulting in shrunken, rippled plastic. I was not satisfied with this so I took advantage of the 30 day guarantee and went in for a replacement frame. They tried twice to reorder this same frame...both times it has come in a different color than the original. We're talking 'caramel' instead of 'chocolate' here. Not pleased. A very nice new manager extended my 30 day guarantee so I could pick out a new frame altogether. This makes me happy! I have now ordered another new pair of glasses...stay tuned for my 'new eyes' to appear! :)

Let's tally my Lenscrafters visits just for kicks:
1 to order + 1 to pick up glasses + 1 to pick up sunglasses + 1 for an adjustment + 1 to complain + 1 to pick up reorder + 1 to inspect 2nd reorder and order whole new pair = SEVEN! TOO MANY! I am looking forward to picking up my new pair so I won't have to go in there anymore...or take the kids in there...I think they hate it!

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