Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On the road again...

There will be lots of traveling this fall. Donald had a trip this week. He left on Monday and will return Saturday morning...then he'll leave again next Thursday for six days. In October, Donald will spend two weeks in India for the Military World Games...Ick! He'll have one other trip in November and finally be done for the year...but my goodness!!

The kids and I have been making it just fine. We are usually on each other's nerves by about the 3rd day that Daddy is gone...but we have stayed busy! Tuesdays I work at my friend Debbie's house and we added a church function to that last night. Then on Wednesdays we attend a Bible Study and then have our usual Wed. Night Church activities...throw in getting an oil change and we had plenty to do today.

I emailed my dad last week to see if I could bring the kids up for a visit while Donald was out of town and we had the free time. Dad seemed we'll be off in the morning. I am setting out on my first solo road trip with the babies. I have the DVD player in place and I've got all the snacks I could find in the house!! I hope we have a good time, not a stressful one. We'll come right back home on Friday, but we're looking forward to the time away, time with Papa Tom and watching movies in the car!! :)

I'll recap the adventure for you when we get home! Adios!

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