Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Eight...eight is great!

A new friend of mine, Piper, 'tagged' me to do another MeMe...so here goes...

((((And by the way, the items in GREEN are links...CLICK THEM!!))))

Eight Things I am Passionate About
1. My children. Their safety, health and well-being.
2. Being a great mom. Setting a good example.
3. Being a good Christian. Letting Christ shine through me.
4. Being a good wife. Prov. 21:9, 1927:1531:11-12
5. Being a good friend – loyal and trustworthy.
6. Laughing – at myself, hubby and young’uns - And having fun!
7. Giving back to God what is His already.
8. Not letting my weight get outta hand again……

Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die
1. Fly a small plane.
2. Start cycling with the hubby.
3. Travel to Europe.
4. Take an Alaskan whale-watching cruise.
5. Read the Bible in its entirety.
6. Live somewhere other than here.
7. See my children grow up in Christ to become well-mannered, responsible citizens, good spouses & parents.
8. Be an awesome, giving, loving grandma!

Eight Things I Say Often
1. What?!
2. Please stop.
3. You smell like a foot. (code in our house meaning it’s bath-time)
4. I sure do love you!
5. What’s up, Trouble?
6. Just a minute…
7. I don’t know.
8. Do you need to potty?

Eight Books, er, “Somethings”, I’ve Recently Read
1. Proverbs
2. “It’s All About Him” by Denise Jackson
3. “Proverbs and Principles for Parenting Practically Perfect Progeny” by Jean Stockdale
4. a couple Lifeway-produced magazines
5. blogs, blogs, blogs
6. Sign at McDs that says ‘No smoking within 50ft of the door’ YAY!
7. Sign at gas station that says ‘Eat here and get gas’…priceless!
8. Maps to NC!!

Eight Songs That I Could Listen To Over and Over
1. My Wish – Rascal Flatts
2. Lifesong (album) – Casting Crowns
3. Hairspray soundtrack – it’s fun
4. Something More (album)– Chenault, CCM by husband/wife
5. Anything by Josh Turner
6. Hey Ya! – Outkast, watch this video by our Navy!
7. From this Moment – Shania Twain
8. Anything my kiddos sing

Eight Things That Attract Me To My Best Friends
1. Common interests, morals, values
2. Honest
3. Happy
4. Forgiving
5. Sense of Humor
6. Intelligence
7. Loyalty
8. Visibly living for Christ

Eight Things I Have Learned This Past Year
1. Learning more all the time that God can help me be a good mother. He gave me a whole book of instructions; I just have to pick it up more often!
2. Life is harder with hubby in India.
3. How to blog – now, to just get better!!
4. Once you fall off the ‘workout wagon’, it’s REALLY hard to get back on!
5. Resinol is the best thing in the world for diaper rash!
6. There are tons of fabulous people blogging.
7. How to refinish cabinets!
8. I need to write down all the cute things my kids do so I won’t forget.

Eight People That Should Do This MeMe and Not Complain
8 people who haven’t done a single MeMe!! (yes, this is cheating on my part! sorry!)


Anonymous said...

"5. What’s up, Trouble?"

HEy- it made the topt eight list...that didn't take long.. haha


piper of love said...

Well done!! Absolutely splendid! Just like you!!