Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So glad...

...to have the hubby home!! It was a rainy and quiet today...quiet in my car as I ran errands ALONE!! whew! When I got home, I then took Ella out for a haircut...she did really well! I hope this keeps getting better with age. Donald took us out for a steak tonight. Beef. Something he had absolutely NONE of while in India. We had a good time. Is there a such thing as eating too many rolls? Man, they were hot & delicious! I have to say that our children are very well behaved in restuarants...guess it's in their genes to love a good meal! (I think that may have been a fat joke!! ha! oh, about us, not the kids!)

We had what seemed to be an uneventful day until........30 minutes ago. Donald came and got me to say that Ella had gotten sick in her bed. Blessing #4,358 of the hubby being home - he doesn't hurl when cleaning up vomit!! Thank you, Lord, I didn't have to deal with any illnesses while Donald was gone!!! I can remember a time back when I was pregnant with Evan, Donald was on travel and Ella had every ill she could possibly be burdened with...ear infection, eye/sinus infection, terrible diaper rash and of course, teething. I sat at church and cried one day because I didn't think I could take anymore. We all did well to make it through daddy's long trip...and the day after he gets home, she's ill. Think God knew that that would've sent me over the edge?? You betcha!! I sure do love my vomit-cleaning husband!!!

I got Ella cleaned up and changed - she went right back to sleep. We'll see what the night holds. Unfortunately we won't be able to attend Bible Study tomorrow...

Oh, and as you can see, I can't leave the blog design alone. For some reason, I see it necessary to adapt it to the season. Really, I wanted to better match the beautiful leaves I added to the title box...hope you like it!!

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Anonymous said...

i love the new color! and it is SO weird to run errands alone! so glad D made it home okay. does he have any pics to share with your loyal fans???

laura : )