Thursday, October 25, 2007

To give you the warm fuzzies...

I had a dental appointment yesterday. Fuzzy yet? Kidding!
I was telling Ella that I had to go to the dentist. She asked if I was going to squirt water in the floor like she did when she went to the dentist. (If you don't remember that little story,click here). I told her that grown-ups don't get to squirt the water...only special little kids do. She pondered. You could see the wheels turning - she just stared at me. Finally she said, "But you ARE special!" That's a proud-parent moment, I tell ya.
On another note. Evan's birthday is Saturday. Evan's birthday PARTY is Saturday. Evan's birthday party is supposed to be at a PARK. Outside. It has been chilly and rainy here all week. The forecast for Saturday is 'mostly sunny, high of 68'. Grr. While I am glad that I didn't have to be whale-size pregnant in July with either child, it would've been a lot easier to schedule a birthday party!! December even. At least I would always plan for indoors. We have to deal with March and October. In this area, those months could be freezing cold or blazing hot...or chilly and rainy, as is the current situation. Seriously, one Halloween it was over 70 and the kids were all sweating in their costumes! Please pray that the forecast will actually be accurate for Saturday...otherwise momma will have to make a desperation move and change the par-tay to McDonalds.

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Kellan said...

That was the sweetest comment from your daughter. I had to go to the dentist today (it was awful and I didn't get to squirt water on the floor). I'm sure the party will be fine - tell Evan that I hope he has the best birthday ever - it sounds like it is going to be WONDERFUL - what a lucky boy. See ya and have fun. Kellan