Friday, November 16, 2007

Make-shift Roller-derby

Right before we left for our long trip to NC, I had asked my friend Debbie if she could host a surprise birthday party for Donald. His birthday is the day before Thanksgiving so I thought we could do something the Saturday before Thanksgiving. She had plans set for that day so a Saturday Night Fever/Disco party was out. Darn.

While we were in NC, I began to think about how I really NEEDED to plan something because if I waited until we got home, it'd be short notice for everyone, and if I had it too close to Thanksgiving it'd be a bust. I called Debbie to see if she would be willing to plan the party for me. It had to be something silly. He's turning 30 - it had to be a 'youthful' event. We agreed that a roller skating party would be a hoot. Debbie made the necessary calls, plans and sent out an email invitation. She even volunteered to make the cake! Donald was going to get a special party, and I didn't have to do much of anything! Thank you, Debbie!!!

On the fridge calendar, I wrote 'Family Night. We have plans, leaving here at 6:15p' on the Nov. 15th square. Oh, I wish I had a hundred dollars for every time Donald asked me what we were doing. My story was that I had planned something fun for him and the kids...and I stuck to it. He didn't understand why I couldn't tell him and just surprise them...but I'm sure he had a good hunch that it had to do with his birthday. We pulled into the parking lot of the skating rink and he was sort of puzzled.
D: "We're going skating? Why?"
Me: "Because we've never taken the kids. Come on, it'll be fun!"

We entered the rink and we saw balloons...friends...and family as we rounded the corner. He busted out laughing. I'm not sure he was totally surprised by everything, but he was surprised at who all was there...and who all had kept it quiet. Thank you all for keeping it on the low down!

We ate cake. We skated. We fell. And we are sore.

Actually, I think Donald may be the only person who didn't fall. Next time I'll have to 'accidentally' bump into him...roller-derby style, of course.

Ella was doing really great by the end of the night and is now convinced that she needs her own skates. We didn't put Evan on skates...he's a little top heavy and clumsy as it is. He had a good time playing games with everyone who took their 'turn' to watch him. Donald and I will definitely take the kids skating again...maybe we won't wait 8 years...I think that's how long it's been since I've been skating.

The surprise worked out great. I'm glad it's over. I don't like keeping things secret from my husband...

Birthday Boy with Ella ---- What's left of the yummy cake (and Debbie the heavy drinker! lol)

Coming soon...I'll share something I wrote to share at the party...the 'Thirty reasons I love Donald'. Stayed Tuned.


Anonymous said...

wow -- so both our hubbies turned 30 on nov 15!!! AND, we must have communicated telepathically because i did a "30 reasons" list too!

happy belated bday D!


Anonymous said...

oops -- ok, so their bdays are close...


Fresh Girl said...

Glad your husband had fun at his party -- what a great idea!

Lorrie said...

That was such a great idea!!!
I'll have to remember that one when Rob reaches his next milestone. I mean, who doesn't love to skate?
Tell Donald, Happy Brithday, for us.

Kellan said...

What fun and Happy Birthday to your husband. What a nice party to give for him and so fun that it was a surprise.

Thanks for coming over and leaving the nice Anniversary wish. Take care and see you soon. Kellan