Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You have a hint that your child has done something wrong...

...when what you hear in the other room is said child calling out their OWN first and middle name!

Tonight we had an ice cream treat. Evan was left a *smidge* unattended while in the kitchen with Ella to eat his ice cream. I looked into the kitchen where I saw his spoon on the floor...I inquired of hubs 'hmm, what do you think Evan is eating with since his spoon is there on the floor?' Donald went in the kitchen to peek - he put his forehead in his hands...but then walked back out. Moments later, he went back in there and this is what we found...

Evan knows when he's done something crazy...he starts saying his first and middle name over and over...so that's what you hear...'Evan THOMAS, Evan ThomAS!' Sometimes you just have to laugh. He went from the chair to the tub...had a nice little bath right before bed....and we have a nice video for the memory.

**My 'knows something about everything' husband was able to edit out a LOT of my hideous laughing...you should send him a thank you card. It was terrible.**

P.S. This is my very first video post!