Monday, December 17, 2007

From the mouth of our babe...

Have I ever mentioned that I'm tired of going to Wal-mart? When I go to Kroger and know for sure that I could pay less for certain items at Wal-mart, I dump Kroger and go back to 'ol faithful. Their prices are the best on most items, so we go there for just about all groceries, and of course I've picked up a few gifts there.

Most trips to Wally world are not too fun. It's usually the kids and me one morning, doing the mundane job of gathering groceries. They fight. They're loud. They want things. It's just not fun.

We stopped in for a few things Sunday night...but we had Daddy this time. This always makes things better because we each take a kid in a separate cart. I had Evan. Hubs had Ella. We go our separate way. Evan holds everything I pick up and tosses it into the basket for me. He's entertained. I have no clue what Donald and Ella are doing.

We decided to meet in Produce. I saw them. Ella saw me. They're coming toward me, passing by a couple shopping, when Ella, very loudly says "Daddy really has to pee pee bad!!!" ROFL

She was just informing her mother. No harm in that. Donald tried to play it off...but I saw that couple laughing and I lost it! Donald said that the husband was trying really hard not to laugh, then I had to go and point out that they did, in fact, hear her...hilarious!! The wife said "We're only laughing because we've been there. Just wait, it'll get worse!!" We all had a great laugh.

It was the best time we've had at Wal-mart...maybe ever.

When we got down the aisle, away from the couple, Donald said "I really do have to go...I just shouldn't have told Ella." More laughter.

Case of Pampers = $19.97

Uncle Ben's Rice = $1.67

Tomato sauce = $.36

Being ratted out by your daughter in front of strangers = PRICELESS!


Kellan said...

So cute - this story and you are right, it sounds like a pricelss moment - making memories at Wally World! Have a great week - see you soon. Kellan

Angie said...

I do the same thing with Walmart/kroger. I love the variety and specialty things I can get at Kroger, but mostly I just love avoiding walmart if I can. I find that I end up spending too much money at walmart even if I am saving on the things I came for because I leave with things I DIDN't COME FOR. Plus it takes SO LONG to check out. I like to people watch at wal-mart, though. I go in spurts. Hubby laughs at me b/c I will come home from Walmart and declare that I am shopping at Kroger because Wallyworld is just too much of a pain and my time is worth more than I save. Then I will shop a kroger for a few weeks and come home and declare their prices an outrage and I am going back to walmart. Hubby shrugs and ignores me. Can't blame him.

Beth said...

Ahhh...always watch what you say around little ones because it will come back to haunt you!

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

Don't cha love it? Just when you think it's another mundane shopping trip at Walmart! Their little minds are like steel traps sometimes, you never know when something you've said will come back to haunt you! :) Sounds like hubby handled it with grace.

Lorrie said...

Love the new look! Blue is your color! (like your van)
Over time I am learning why children are considered a blessing from God. He can use them to humble us in ways never deemed possible.
When we lived in Mid-Tennessee, we were in a restaurant and waiting to be seated. In walked a lady of the eighties/early nineties. And without missing a beat. Alex says, "Her hair is nappy!" You better believe our heads dropped in shame.
Love the post on vomit. You should do an Ode to Throw-up page and let everyone write in their best/nastiest stories. Us moms of older children like to share these things.