Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ode To My Blankie

My electric blanket is deceased. Caput. Gone.

Stop laughing.

I think we got our electric blanket for Christmas, either our first or second married Christmas. I am not a cuddling sleeper...I need space...therefore I need a warm blanket. It has been so faithful to keep me warm. It graciously stepped aside when I couldn't use it while I was pregnant, then returned to perfect warmth when (yay) I wasn't pregnant. We have yet to turn on our heat this season. The children have heater fans in their rooms for night-time...and until recently, I had my electric blanket. I am so sad that my blanket has called it quits. I unplugged it from the wall in fear of the fire hazard it had become. Yesterday, I gathered all the cords and tossed 'em. The biggest reason I am so sad...a new electric blanket is TOO expensive!!! My blanket is in 'blanket heaven' now (right?), laughing at me, it's COLD! It could handle the pregnancy, it didn't want to 'cook the baby', but I guess it got a little peeved at not being needed at all other times. So now, laughing, it's thinking, 'Let's see how you get along without me'.


I miss my blanket...but I refuse to take out a second mortgage to replace it here at Christmas-time.


ToolMan007 said...

got flannel sheets and ya won't need the elec blanky.

Fresh Girl said...

If I had an electric blanket and then didn't, I'd miss it, too. I'd like one, but my mother keeps saying "They're bad for you!" every time I bring it up, and I've yet to decide to deal with her complaints if I got one anyway.

Instead I just pile on the blankets and quilts. Toolman suggests flannel, but that wouldn't work for me. I HATE flannel! It grabs hold of whatever you're wearing and holds on tight, not letting you roll over or anything. ;)

The Boyd Family said...

I LOVE my electric blanket!!I just got it recently (mom got it for me)and already I know that I couldn't live without it.

Maybe you should write Santa a letter and he will get you another one for Christmas.