Thursday, January 24, 2008

Could you?

I just read two really great posts.

I was linked to them by my friend Fresh Girl.

The first one is from Heather and it is a great story about an awesome gift. The other post is from a lady named Kelli and her great need.

The need? A new kidney.

Could you be an organ donor?

My heart says 'YES'! Giving someone a new lease on life would thrill my soul.

My driver's license is marked 'Organ Donor' and I have made my desire very clear to my husband...and now you all know, too!!

How about you??


Are You Serious! said...

I think being an organ doner is a great thing!

jennwa said...

I am an organ donor too. I think it is very important. I will head over to the other blogs and check them out.
Have a great weekend.

Noodle said...

Absolutely. I've told everyone I know that I want everything possible to be harvested and used. And I've convinced my husband of the same thing. :)