Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hawaii - Day Four - Not As Exciting

There wasn’t much we could do this day. Hubs had to work…which consisted of watching 20 Navy enlistees bowl eight games for the first day of qualifying for the All Navy Bowling team. Exciting and headache-inducing, right? One of his guys bowled a 278 that day...very impressive.

I had to get packed…and I am not a good packer. Donald is the master; he’s learned the best way to do things since he travels all the time.

Thank goodness I didn’t have to pack this:

THE largest shirt to ever exist…400XL!!

We headed in the direction of the airport quite early…here’s what we saw on our drive down.

I saw numerous rainbows during my stay on the island…each one was vivid and amazing. Another wonderful reminder of our awesome God.

I hadn’t done much walking on the beach so I had to take advantage of my last few hours in Hawaii. We drove down to Waikiki Beach. Not sure why I didn’t have my camera, but there was a lovely sunset that night. The ocean water there is the warmest I’ve ever experienced, and just imagine, this was in January!! There were a few beautiful boats on the water that night…it was dreamy.

It began to sprinkle for the bazillionth time. I had no desire to fly home in wet clothes, so we headed for the car. But not before Donald made a stop in the men’s room…next thing I know, he’s telling me I have to see something. Okay, get a hold of yourself, he was clothed and the restroom was empty.

Dang! I didn’t have my camera!! It was the perfect blog-worthy photo. When we got back to the car, Donald took my camera back up to the restroom to capture this photo for me. Tell me this isn’t hilarious:

Oh the things (some) men have to be told!!

We worked up an appetite laughing about this one.

We had dinner in the food court of the mall there in Waikiki. A mall that has four levels of stores…I could probably never afford to shop in more than half of those stores. Stores with names I can’t even pronounce…but here’s one that I could.

How’s this:

I think it’ll be my new nickname for Wal-mart, ha.

Off to the airport…that’s definitely a whole ‘nuther post!


Noodle said...

Sounds like such a FAB trip! I'm so glad you got to go!

jennwa said...

I love the Rainbows.
Stupid Factory is a perfect name for Wal-mart.

ToolSmartz said...

Nice shirt- izzat one of D's old ones?
You know, the ones he gave to me????!?!


Mandy said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. Your kids could not be any stinkin cuter. And I mean that coming from another mom, not a sicko trolling the internet. I like your blog!

Fresh Girl said...

Only in a MEN'S room would you have to write that on the walls. ;)

Beautiful rainbows!

coasty mom said...

My name is Vickie Hunt, Scott McIntire is my son. scott was on of the guys trying out for the all navy bowling team. I have been unable to obtain any results on this championship, article photos etc....
If you have any available I would greatly appreciate it, I have search the internet high and low.

Thanks to your husband for all the work he did.

Coasty mom, Vickie