Thursday, January 31, 2008

Where's Waldo Tina?

So, Tina...

Did you forget your Blogger password? No.

Did you slip into a coma? No, although I would at least be well-rested.

Did your brain fall out of your ear? Um, I don't think, anyway.

Did you fall off the face of the earth? Well, obviously not.

I just got in a funk. No, I didn't forget to bathe. I simply didn't feel like I could write anything worthwhile. I really like to be entertaining, at least a little. This is *not* where you should tell me that my blog is never entertaining!

Seems like last weekend was a blur. We had a trip coming up and I was very busy not getting ready for it.

So we've traveled. And halfway to our destination, we blew a fuse in the van. The fuse that controls the cigarette lighters/power ports, which we plug the portable DVD player into. And since I smoke like a chimney the kids travel better while watching movies, but couldn't, the second half of our trip proved to be a chore.

What is so intriguing to children about saying 'Mommy' when they don't need one stinkin' thing? There are only so many things you can do for them while in the car. They had food. They had drinks. They had books. They had magna-doodles. They had blankets. They had music. They had naps. Why, oh why, did they keep calling my name??

I would change my name to encyclopedia if I thought they couldn't say it.

One of them can.

The other one can probably get close.

**I am not a smoker. And for the record, I think it's a nasty, smelly habit. I've said my piece.**


jennwa said...

I want to change my name too, if you come up with a good one let me know.
I do not like traveling with my kids either, I always dread it no matter how great the destination.

Are You Serious! said...

That's funny! My kids drive me bonkers in the car. :)

Beth said...

It must be universal problem. Why, oh why, do they insist on saying "Mommy" over and over and over and over and over again? It is absolutely maddening!

Welcome back to the blogosphere!

Kellan said...

That would have been a bad trip for me - a fuse blowing - with four kids! I would have found a new fuse - NO MATTER WHAT! Sorry it was no fun - I know what you mean by them calling Mommy for no reason at all - it can be exhausting. Welcome by - glad your brains are in tact. See you soon. Kellan

Yvette said...

Hey, we could always change our names and just not tell them what our new names are; but somehow, I think they would still manage to get our attention.

Welcome back!

Fresh Girl said...

I think every blogger goes into that "can't think of anything to write about" funk...I know I do!

So where did you get away to on your little vacation?