Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So it seems...

...that I keep getting lost on my way to the computer..another long absence from posting. Sigh.

We've been out of town. With our preschoolers. I'm tired.

Hubs had to work in North Carolina again...two events this time, boxing and men's soccer. We decided to go with him because a) it was going to be a long trip. b) it was the same place in NC that we had been to in November. c) and my birthday was on the 2nd and I didn't want to be at home alone with the kids on my birthday.

It is fun to travel with the kids...for the first few days...then it was hard to get them the boy to be quite in the hotel. I wonder how many people he irritated with his volume?

We were able to take the kids to the movies, the beach, Chuck E. Cheese, swimming, bowling and back to the Cow Cafe that I showed you here.

The movies...we went to the theatre on base. The cheapest movie we've ever been to! Two dollars for adults and one dollar for children. Wow!! We saw Alvin and the Chipmunks, not a brand new movie, but new to us. The kids enjoyed the movie along with their $2.00 combo which included popcorn, mini M&Ms and a drink. It was a great deal!

Chuck E. Cheese...does your CEC serve? --->
I can't quite recall if ours does, but seriously! Can a person not treat their children to a couple hourse of fun without needing to booze it up?? Even though we don't drink, we managed to have fun with the kids...love that skeeball!! (not to mention the toys that break before you get to the car, yay!!)

We out for dinner on my birthday...Mexican. It was so good! I made the comment after I stuffed myself, that if I wasn't so full I'd be begging for an ice cream cake...little did I know...

When we got back to the room, Ella kept asking me for dessert. I put her off a few times because I was getting laundry together. Finally, Donald said that she was only doing what he asked her to do...so I went to the freezer and ta-da!!!!

We were able to spend time with some friends when they let us camp out at their house on our way back home. We hope to make a trip to see them 'just because' next time...not just as the half-way stop on another trip to NC.

Let me just say...their daughter...well she and my girl could be sisters. Check out these pictures!

Aren't they adorable??!? Hope's daddy took a picture with our Ella. He's planning on showing it to their other friends to see how long it takes them to realize that it's not Hope. Looking forward to hearing that story!

We were also able to spend some time with my dad and step-mother on our journey home. Dad took us to lunch to celebrate my birthday and brought me a cake. Thanks Dad! The kids loved seeing their Papa Tom...if only we could get together more often. The kids would be pros at sticking out their tongues.


We were not home when the tornadoes rolled through our area...but our home was standing strong when we got here. Praise the Lord!


The only damage we have around here is that our luggage threw-up.

I must get this place back in order...

...'til next time.


Are You Serious! said...

They do look a lot alike! Wow! I always say that my car threw up in my front room too! Glad you guys didn't have any damage from all those tornado's... Crazy how many there were over there!

Sounds like a great week...

Beth said...

Happy Birthday! Ahhhh...30....so young!

Sounds like a great trip and your daughter really does resemble Hope!

Have fun unpacking. To me that's always the WORST part of any trip.

ToolSmartz said...

It was good to see you guys. We enjoyed watching your "hubs" shoot jets of water at the little creep...uh, kid...at the Discovery Center.

Hug them babies!... and tell Trouble to stick his tongue out! :-)

jennwa said...

It sounded like a great trip. I know our Chuck E. Cheese does not have alcohol and we live in N.C.

Happy Birthday.

Kelli said...

Happy birthday to you!

Sniz said...

Luggage threw up! What a great analogy! I always feel that way when we get back from a trip. Those pictures of your daughter and her friend are eerie! Did you enjoy your cake? It sounds like such a fun trip!

Brittany said...

Wow... Alcohol at CEC? That's to keep the parents sane, I bet! haha.

CHEAP movie, too! I am impressed! We need that around here.

HAPPY Bday!! :)

Anonymous said...

glad y'all had fun! i was wondering where you were...
your baby girl is adorable...and those two do look alike! glad you were spared damage from the storms!

Laura M

Kellan said...

Your luggage threw-up - HA! That picture of the two girls is amazing - they could be twins!! So cute. Happy Birthday BTW - have I already wished you a Happy Birthday and forgot? I don't think so - don't think I knew?! Sounds like you had fun - that movie was a DEAL! Those base rates are always a deal, but WOW! Take care and have a great V-Day - cute post. Kellan