Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday's Feast #7

Given the choice, would you prefer to live in the country or in the city?

Completely depends on what city. I’m in a city now and it’s not nearly as bad as the city ‘next door’. I'm close to the country...and space away from people can be good, but having a huge yard to mow is way too much work for us two non-yard-work-lovin' people.

Who is the cutest kid you know?

There’s this kid down the street, what??!!? Seriously!? Any mother is going to say ‘mine’!! And that certainly goes for me!

Fill in the blank: I couldn’t believe it when I heard ___________.

...that the mayor of Memphis is going to resign…all I can say is that it’s L-O-N-G overdue buddy!!

Main Course
If you could star in a commercial for one of your favorite products, which one would you want to advertise?

Not because I’m super smitten with the product, it’s good, but I think it would just be fun to be in one of those Orbit commercials…you know…’Orbit cleans a dirty mouth' [Teeth Gleaming with a sound effect -*BLING*]

What type(s) of vitamins and/or supplements do you take on a regular basis?

If I tell you, I’d have to…blah. Nada. I take nothing.


Vashonnte said...

ha! i love your feast! you are so funny! seriously you crack me up!

Me said...

Great feast!! :) I'm not fond of yard work, but I love having pot plants. Go figure :)

Thanks for stopping by! :)


The Boyds Family said...

Unfortunately, I'm not as happy about him resigning as you would think I would be.

First of all, I don't believe it's true. I think he's messing with us. I won't believe it 'til it actually happens.

Second - and far worse - did you hear the reason he wants to resign?? He wants to become superintendant of the Memphis City Schools. I.THINK.I'M.GOING.TO.BE.SICK!

Kelli said...

since I am new to the blog you get these questions from someother blog for feast friday or do you make them up or how does this work?

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Great list!

Well the kids next door... Too funny! :)

Judy Thomas said...

Happy Friday and Happy Easter. I enjoy yard work and hate traffic, so I voted for the country, hand's down. I'd not heard about y'all's mayor resigning, but I think I heard the same sentiments on another Friday's Feast. Hmmm... interesting, that.

Have a great weekend.

Brittany said...

ha ha ha. That was fun!

You need to take vitamins, woman! Just a woman's daily vitamin. Extra calcium, Vit D... and many many other essential minerals we need on a daily basis. GO.Now. ;) Ok, off my soap box. :)

Jacq said...

Great feat! Thanks for the birthday greeting! :)

Jen said...

I LOVED your soup and main course!! Your kids are ADORABLE!!! I love your blog layout as well! Very fun! Have a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Great Feast!

My salad would be that I can't believe the new gov or NY is taking over for the last one and then comes out and admits he and his wife both had numerous affairs a few years ago.

Marsha said...

Agree totally on HOW you answered the Soup. Of course the correct answer is on my blog! lol

Join me here if you can!

Amy said...

Fill in the blank: I couldn’t believe it when I heard ___________.
...that the mayor of Memphis is going to resign…all I can say is that it’s L-O-N-G overdue buddy!!

I agree! I agree!:)

Annette said...

I totally agree with the vitamin thing! I know I should, but I HATE taking pills of any kind. I'm a gagger to the max. However, I must say that Excedrin Migraine and I are on very good terms quite frequently!

mamichelle said...

LOL on the dessert!

I LOVE the look of your blog!

Melli said...

LOL! SOMEhow I was pretty sure that those two little cutie-pies in the sidebar would be your choice for the soup!!!

Don't get TOO excited about that Mayor thing ... (i don't know your guy) ... but Marion Barry resigned in D.C. once... but he came back! Just like a toothache!

Have a Happy Easter!!!

Laane said...

Ah, finally someone who doesn't take vitamins.

We here in The Netherlands think that healthy food should enable you to live healthy.
And folic acid when you prepare to get pregnant.

You can find my feast at:

Laane on the World

Have a great weekend, a wonderful easter and an amazing spring!!!

Kara said...

Great feast!

Natalie said...

Those Orbit commercials make me giggle. Good choice!

Tara O'Rourke said...

Hi! You don't know me but I found you through Noodle-LOL. I normally would have just read a few things on your blog and tottered off to my scraproom to make yet another mess. and I have a couple of things in common that struck me so thought I'd say hello. I also have an accounting degree..that I am not using...well unless you count that I hve to count my children when we are out in public. I am a scrapbooker too. I am also a Christian. :D I'll link you to my blog if you like. Tara (just ask Noodle about me and if she tells you anything other than I am a sane person...well...:P~~ on her)