Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I really busted a move...

Hmmm...have I mentioned that our house is for sale??

It's been on the market for just over a month. Lots of flyers have been gobbled up, but we haven't heard anything. And it's really been fine with me. Yes, I want to sell the house to: a) make a bunch of money. b) become debt-free. and c) build a new, bigger home, but we're not building until we sell, so there's really no 'crunch' to get out.

I got a call on Friday afternoon that someone wanted to see our house!!

I was not at home when the first call came. I came home two hours later and I paniced because after being on the market for a month with no action, well, let's just say that the house wasn't 'show ready'.

I returned the realtors phone call and rejoiced when she said that the showing was for Saturday.


I went into overdrive. Must finish laundry. Must mop the kitchen. Must dust that celing fan. Must move that junk pile off the 'catch all' kitchen table.

I had plenty to do.

Oh, and hubs was out of town. Yikes, no help!

I busted it. I cleaned and cleaned.

And I bought flowers for the kitchen table. So pretty.

I was so proud of my house.

Don't.touch.a.thing, kids!

I was told the people were coming between 1pm and 2pm. Hubs came home about 11:30am. We left the house at 12:15pm to take the kids to lunch...and we were hoping to spy on the visitors.

And then we got another call.

Showing rescheduled.


Oh well. I enjoyed the rest of my weekend with a super clean house...and now we can look forward to the rescheduling.

Bring it on, people...one great home is waiting for you!


Kelli said...

I didnt know you were selling. We have a home forsale also. The one we use to live in. We had planned to have it on the market by Jan 1st but still no luck. More work needed done that we thought. Bummer. Good luck.

Oh I was a bit scared by that title that you might have hurt yourself. hehe

Amy said...

That is funny, it was like a dry run...At least you know you can get the job done.:)
"You are woman hear you roar!" :)
God Bless,

Beth said...

Ahhhh....the joys of having your house on the market! Good luck!

rthling said...

You busted a move, eh? Not "cut a rug?" I thought you were gonna dance for us.

Amy said...

Here is my email...amahoney8169@gmail.com.:)
That way you can contact me if you ever run out of things to paint and decorate.:)
You know, when your not busy being, a wife, mother, decorator, house cleaner, home saler, new home builder, etc., you can swing by my place for some calorie free ice cream and a (long) list of things that you can accomplish, while I (lay around and) supervise, of course.:) You know, just if you want to? :)

Anonymous said...

I am SO dreading selling our house when the time comes...but how nice that you had a crazy clean house! I LOVE that!!!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Wow, frustrating that they had to reschedule... We'll be selling our house soon and oh it's gonna suck to try and keep this play always CLEAN!!! especially with 4 little rug rats running around!

Noodle said...

I am SO not looking forward to putting our house on the market. I hope you can sell soon!

utmomof5 said...

Mine is for sale too!! Except my new house will be done in about 8 weeks and we have had a whole one person come to see it. It sucks trying to keep a house clean all the time. (And by sucks I mean impossible)

Good Luck with the selling!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with selling!

We just place a bid on another house but we have been blessed with our house being "released into the wild!"

I agree I get less than thrilled when they call and say "people are on their way"!

The Boyds Family said...

Good luck house vibes coming your way....in the meantime, enjoy the flowers :)

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad, but our house has been on the market since May of last year, two showings, first guy really wanted it- then he decided to stay married, so he didn't need the extra house. THe other came in just after 4 tornadoes (i.e. children) had come thru and well, it wasn't pretty, especially as they didn't give me more than a 5 minute notice. I feel like it'll never sell, but I know God has a plan (He just needs to reveal it to us, so I can put it in my planner!:))

Brittany said...

Are you advertising your house on your blog?!?!?! lol ;) Justtt kidding!!

Much luck on selling! :)

(Also, went to walmart... there are NEW cute shirts with sayings. I got one that says "Yes, girls I am single!" hahaha. So cute!)