Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lost and Found

Have you ever lost something so important that you thought you might have a stroke!?!?

I've been getting ready for my big scrapbooking weekend. It's called Camp Crop-A-Lot...the first ever. We're going to a local state park to retreat for 3 days and 3 nights!! I'm not sure yet what kind of beds we'll have...maybe bunk beds? That would crack me up.

My big project is making ABC books for my kids. They will each have an 8x8 album with a page for each letter...the only albums they will have hands-on access to. I've been looking through pictures we've taken since their births to see what can fit for whatever letter. I have pictures of them in a wagon for 'W'. I have a great picture of Evan with an ice cream cone for his 'I'. Ella's 'U' picture is one of her milking a cow's udders...not a real cow.

I've known about this event since before Christmas...but guess when I decided to start gathering the pictures for their books? That's right, just this week. What a dope.

So I'm looking through pictures on the computer and I get to thinking. Hmmm, I wonder where the picture of such-and-such is. What about so-and-so? Hmmmm....

I look everywhere I can think of. Pretty soon I'm thinking that the only pictures I have of Evan's 2nd birthday are here on the blog. Boy am I glad I blog. And the beach pictures from our first trip to NC. And the Cow Cafe in New Bern, NC.

I'm starting to stress.

I think I'm developing an ulcer.

Panic is setting in.

I have Donald check all 3 of his memory cards to see if for some dumb reason I didn't really download the pictures...that just didn't make sense because I had put them on the blog. I always resize the pictures I put on the blog...which means they had to be saved somewhere.

I was able to think back well enough to know that I hadn't used Donald's camera for certain events. They wouldn't have been on his memory

Where are they?

I spent hours a couple months ago organizing my pictures on the computer. Did I delete these precious pictures by accident?

I could hardly sleep Monday night. In fact, I jumped out of bed at midnight because I thought of another place to look. Not there. I was losing it.

Where are they??!

Tuesday morning, I started clicking everything I could click. I came across a 'Shared Documents' folder on the desk top.

BINGO!! Ahhhhhhh!!!

{When we got my laptop back in November, Donald set up this shared thing so we could access files from both the laptop and the desktop computers. The shared folder is no longer accessable from the laptop. It worked for a while, and I was even able to print from the laptop, but not anymore. Anybody know how to fix that?}

The pictures were in the Shared Documents folder! The folder that I could only see on the desktop upstairs...on the computer I'm hardly ever on.

Breathe. Breathe. Whew.

I was SO excited about finding the lost pictures...I immediately saved them in two other places...and soon I'll upload everything I have to AND so they'll be in several places, just in case. Then I'll need to save a small fortune so I can get everything printed.

I know that there are worse things in life than losing pictures...but it was my crisis of the week.

I've been able to go through everything and pick out some great pictures.

I am almost ready for my weekend.

Mommy's weekend.

Now I just have to pack.


Kelli said...

I know exactly what your going through. an important event of pictures, we found on the computer but they say the originals are not there so they are all digity, weird adn I have been looking and looking on the computer for the orignials, I have never had that weird thing happen before.

Anonymous said...

ummm...could i PAY someone to scrapbook for me??? i would LOVE to but gosh it is hard to find the time...maybe i need to go campin'!! have an AWESOME time!!!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ Food for you! I'm so ready for a mommy's weekend!

Amy said...

Oh, the panic you must have felt! Poor thing! I'm so glad you found the pictures.(I would have been hospitalized!)
I can not wait to see your ABC albums...Please post them.
That sounds like a fun weekend.
God Bless!

Fresh Girl said...

I'm glad you found your pictures! I've certainly done that before. LOVE the idea for the 8x8 ABC book...I like it so much I may have to steal it. ;)

Have fun!

The Boyds Family said...

I'm glad you found them!

BTW - losing pictures is a very sad thing...those are memories of your children that you can never go back and re-capture.