Thursday, May 15, 2008

Look out Picasso and Van Gogh!

My friend, Laura, had a very interesting post the other day that pointed to this site. This mama is a former teacher who has a 15 month old son. They do crafts...I think, everyday. Crafts, people! He's 15 months old. I'm not knockin' it. It is unusual, but not in a bad way.

Oh...and this lady sings. She has lots of preschool songs up her sleeve. She's singing here. And here. Oh and this one is my favorite. (Please, you must go hear her singing...I'll wait right here.)

As much as I adore those songs, she hasn't inspired me to make a video of myself singing children's tunes just yet.

However, Laura and I discussed our lack of crafting with our kids. Laura's son is almost 15 months old and she doesn't, gasp, paint with him at home.

I confessed that I haven't done many crafts here at home either. Not because I can't. It's mostly because I don't think about doing them much. The kids do crafts at church and Bible study.

And time. I just don't make time for it.

We consoled each other about being slacker moms. And then...

I said something like, "Hey, you go buy some paint. I'll go buy some paint. We'll strip the kids, and by golly, we'll let'em paint! We'll take pictures and do blog posts about it. Deal??"

Laura sent me a 'virtual handshake''s a deal!

We decided that a plastic tablecloth from the Dollar Tree would make a fabulous drop cloth.

And so...I bought paint. And everyday after I bought said paint, my darling daughter said 'Can I paint? When can I paint? Mom, can we paint today?'

Because I'm a chicken we only had two paintbrushes, I told the kids to each choose a color...we were only going to use these two colors.

I taped the tablecloth to the floor and set the paper out for the kids. I couldn't seem to get the paint down fast enough. They were very excited!

Oh, and I didn't worry about taking their clothes off. The paint I bought is washable!

Evan started on his creation.

And Ella started her masterpiece.

This was the only 'oops' made. Evan dropped the brush on his foot.

Ella painted her name and moved on to shapes.

I painted their hands and stamped them on the paper...they've done that at church...painting your hand really tickles so they got a kick out of that.

Evan had a little help with his triangle...

Kids don't really know what 'just dip your brush' means. The bowls were painted more than the paper.

I think the kiddos did very well. I was a little surprised that Evan wasn't more of a wild man with the paintbrush. He was very gentle and particular.

They had a great time and when daddy got home, they were thrilled to show him their work.

It wasn't terrible, folks.

We may even do it again.

Two colors at a time. Because I'm a chicken.

And now I'm waiting to see pictures from Laura letting her little one paint.

(cue Jeopardy theme song)



Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! wow, i'm so impressed with how clean it was! i had to take my car to the dealership yesterday and well, we had a weird day yesterday with no napping and playing in the bathroom but I PROMISE we'll get it done...i'm thinking friday afternoon...i gotta go get that drop cloth ASAP! thanks for this fun post!!! i checked her site today and it just makes me feel like a lazy you know what...(sigh).

Heather said...

You know, it ALL depends on the child. When mine were little they couldn't paint due to severe allergies to the dyes used . However my middle child managed to get a hold of things to "paint" with constantly and every room and piece of furniture is decorated with her handiwork--she still does it without noticing and she is 8.

Doran & Jody said...

Good for you! What fun! Take more time for more of this kind of fun. I was so fussy when my kids were little and I kick myself daily because of it. So what if they get a little paint on something, it isn't the end of the world. You can always replace or fix something in your house, or just leave it. But you can never have your kids small again. Don't be afraid to build the memories. I still have a mark on my bathroom wall where one of the grandkids painted with fingernail polish. It's ok. No one will judge me. It means they had fun.

Sara said...

I am impressed girl! It is so neat and clean. I never thought to get a cheap table cloth for a backdrop. I bet the kids would LOVE to do it.. too bad their Momma is a chicken! Heehehee!

You've inspired me, that's for sure. I think we'll try this...... uh.... in another month? How about in the Fall? OK OK, when Rudy turns 5! :)

Anonymous said...

Breathe girl! It's ok, the washable paint is fabulous stuff and washes out of everything around here! (even Matthew's mouth!:) Painting around here gives me a good excuse to have to mop (I detest mopping- Jeremy usually does it) One step and 2 colors at a time, you'll get there! Lots of Love

Amy said...

I checked out your "favorite song".....she made a face just like the frog I peed on.:)

Nice job on letting them I triple dog dare you to let them break out the "Fuzzy Pumper Barber Shop" from Play-Doh....with no table cloth......I dare you.:)

Great post!

Beth said...

Looks like fun and your kids were so neat.

I also really like the Dollar Store drop cloth. Great idea!

Allie said...

I am so happy you found my site and it inspired you to paint with your kids! The whole point of the songs , and more specifically the videos are to show parents that you don't need to be good for your kids to enjoy it and to learn, so who cares how silly or insane you look!

Have fun !

Are You Serious! said...

♡ Wow! First of all I could never video myself singing the silly songs that I sing. Second I would never let my 15 month old paint because I hate cleaning up big messes and THAT would be a big mess! At least in my house! Good job your for doing it!! :)

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed with the cleanliness!

Painting at home scares has happened before that the walls were tagged, luckily not to my own daughters detriment but a friends. She got an art easel from us for Christmas but it has a HUGE mat underneath it!

I thought I was brave enough for glitter once....even my husband requested that I NEVER use glitter in the house again.

Kelli said...

bridger just walked past and now says he wants to paint........

look at the looks on your childrens faces. They are so into it. Great job, now we have too. hehe

Angie said...

AHHHH. You don't even know the door you opened. I HATE paint. We have those same paints and the washable thing - not so much. Put them in play clothes. Seriously. Even washable has limits. My kids CONSTANTLY ask me to paint and I tell them I don't love them enough. Just kidding. I tell them that is why I send/sent them to preschool - to get that all out of their system.

The Boyds Family said...

Wow Tina, your kids are so good....if that would have been my CJ she would have been blue from head to toe....ON PURPOSE!

But she too loves to paint. Both of my girls like crafts.

Noodle said...

LOL! When Spyder was little, we did a craft every day. Sometimes we'd redo favorites, but we always did something.

His favorite was making treasure maps, then antiquing them by soaking them in tea, then letting them dry in the sun. Or with a hair dryer if he was feeling impatient. LOL!