Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Who's gonna tell ya?

Yesterday, the kids and I got up. I started the laundry. The kids played.

They may have watched too much a little tv.

While they ate lunch, I ran on my treadmill.
Oh yea, the treadmill. You don't know about that. My elliptical machine wimped out on me and I was left with no workout machine. Hubs looked into fixing it, but because there's need for a tool that he doesn't have, we had to send part of it home with his buddy. Eventually the machine will be up and running again.

Anywho, his co-worker said he had a treadmill collecting dust at home...and his wifey wanted it gone. I've been wanting a treadmill, but I wanted it in addition to the elliptical machine so I could switch things up every now and then. I was really sad about my elliptical. I needed access to something else. What fabulous timing for a bargain to present itself...

A treadmill worthy of running on is expensive. If you don't spend a pretty penny on it, it will wear out before you know it. We don't really have any pretty pennies, being a single-income family and all.

This co-worker has connections. This treadmill is health-club-run-on-everyday worthy. Brand new, it would be $5,500!! Refurbished, it would be $2,600! Pretty pennies. This guy paid $500 for it. Wholesale. New. Five hundred dollars. Hmmm...what would he sell it for??

Donald says the guy called his wife to talk it over. They came up with $350! How quickly can you say SOLD? Yea, I said it quicker.

So I've started running on my new-to-me treadmill. I love it. I can gauge time/distance/speed...something I wasn't doing when I ran outside. And, since I'm honest, I must say that now I can run all I want to in my garage and not worry about passing traffic getting their morning chuckle because I'm sure that I look like death when I run.

Not to mention that rain has zero affect on my workout. AND...I can still get my workout in when hubs is on travel. Yahoo!
Back to the main story. After my run, of course I had to get cleaned up. Ella has dance class on Mondays. So we went to dance. All was well.

Hubs got home from work and we decided to go play tennis. When we got in the car, I realized that I only had one earring in. Hmmm...wonder if I just lost it when I changed into 'tennis-wear'?

Looked all over the room for that earring when we returned home.

Guess where I found it?

In the shower.

Know what that means?

It means that when I showered after running at lunchtime, the earring came out in the shower.

Which means I took Ella to dance class wearing one earring. Great. I'm sure I looked like a doofus.

No one told me. Did they not see both ears at once to realize that I looked a little coo-coo?

Maybe not. And if they did, and they didn't tell me, tsk tsk tsk.

I vow to tell you if I notice that you're missing an accessory.

Or if your skirt is tucked in your underwear after having been to the restroom.

Or if you have a boogar.

I'm gonna tell ya.

I pinky swear.



Kelli said...

great story! your so funny. I wish I could run on my treadmill but both B & K stand by me saying my turn my turn my turn my turn my turn, you get the picture, it doesnt stop for how ever long I am on it. you would think they would get board saying my turn my turn my turn my turn but no they dont.

rthling said...

I always say that real friends are the ones who tell you that ya have broccoli in your teeth.

I just knew you'd be a real friend.

Amy said...

You are so funny! Please, please, please tell me if I have a boogar, or toilet paper stuck to my shoe as I walk across the floor of a crowded restaurant...:)

Thanks for your sweet comments.
I will be telling a little more about the trip for the next 2 days.:) Hopefully everyone doesn't run from their computer screaming that they are sick of hearing about it.:)
God is amazing.....

Have a great day!
(And I would definitely tell you if you were missing an accessory or if you had a boogar.) ;)

Are You Serious! said...

♡ ,m'l;A missing earing isn't so bad. My mom left for an early meeting that she had to travel a couple of hours for and it was pitch dark outside still. So she grabbed her shoes and headed off. When the sun finally came up she noticed she had 2 different colored shoes on. Same shoe just differnet colors! :)

Jenny said...

Wow, that's the deal of the century!

I would love to have a treamill, but my husband is a runner and says that we have a perfectly good treadmill outside...the sidewalk. Urgh. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

You are too funny!

I am trying not to covet your treadmill, I am hoping a "great deal" will roll my way at some point, I would love to run in the comfort of my own home whenever I wanted. Sigh, God's timing is always better than mine.

utmomof5 said...

I am so one of those people who will tell any woman when something is wrong/missing/tucked in. I would want someone to tell me, I figure yea they are ebaressed for a second but I will probably never see them again. I had to so it once for a teenage girl whose monthly friend came to visit and she had no idea. That was a hard one but I am glad I told her.
BTW an earring missing is no big deal, I figure most people never see both ears at the same time.

The Newby Family said...

I just love your posts! Wish I could find a deal like that one!

Annette said...

Love your story! You will not find me on a treadmill anywhere. I am an elliptical or bike woman. I don't "run" at anytime...ever!

Regarding your earrings. I bet this has happened to me at least twice, and I too wonder where those kind people are that will tell me I look crazy with one earring. Unless, they think I am actually trying to start something new. Not me...I like to blend in with everyone else!

The Boyds Family said...

Congrats on the New.To.You Treadmill!

I dream of one day having an elliptical....that was my favorite machine at the gym - you know, the gym that I no longer go to and we can all tell??? Yeah, that one.

Oh AND I pinkie swear to tell you if you have an accessory missing, TP on your shoe, your zipper unzipped or a booger in your nose!! :)

Sara said...

What a great deal! I bought a very used, very old, treadmill and I know it'll die on me soon, but it was 50.00 so I've got my money's worth!

It's so fun that you're a runner too! Yay! I love Runner Mommas! :)

I hate that you're all the way over there because I don't have anyone in NC to tell me my son planted a handprint of cheetos on my jeans..and I didn't notice so went to the grocery store anyway. *sigh*

Have a great day Chica!

Lorrie said...

Uummm, you wear earrings to take your daughter to dance? Boy am I impressed.
I'm lucky to even get any in for church some Sundays.
congrats on the treadmill, it sure makes things easier for a mom with two wee ones.

Doran & Jody said...

Uh huh. You can count on me to tell you if you have something amiss. Remember this....

Noodle said...

What a bargain! That ROCKS!

I'd tell you if I noticed something, but an earring is no big deal. :)