Thursday, June 5, 2008

Feels Like a 'Random' Day

- Tonight is the recital that we're going to miss. I'm going to try to keep busy so I don't get all bugged out about it.

- Did you know that schools in NC don't let out until the 9th of June?? (when did they start, I wonder?)

- I love having access to a pool...although the hours are weird because the schools are still in session. I'm pretty sure that we're going to join the Y when we get home so we can have access to a pool and a waterpark all summer long. And let's not forget that they provide childcare while Mama does her workout. Sweet!

- Ella: I want to go swimming in the 'Cat' pool.
Me: (thinking that's disgusting) What 'Cat' pool?
Ella: You said they have a 'kitty' pool.
Me: (full-out-belly-laughing) OH! That's 'Kiddy' in Kids, kiddies...

She's a hoot!

- My dad started a new job one month ago. Since then, I have only spoken to him a handful of times. I used to hear from him nearly every day via email or comments on this here bloggy thingy. I miss my dad.

- My 25 year old cousin has been named the Head Coach of a local high school baseball team for the summer. We are pretty sure they'll offer it to him full-time, but either way, this is super for his resume. He rocks! The past year of his life has been pretty tough, with the loss of his father to cancer and now his aunt is eaten up with it. The baseball thing is a huge positive that he needed.

- Headed to the beach tomorrow. It will probably be our only shot at the beach this I hope it's good!

- I didn't think there were any beds worse than our old one. Wrong. We are currently sleeping on a tiny double bed with what feels like box springs for a mattress. It stinks royally.

- I'll be officially starting my work-at-home career when we get home. I've already gotten new phone lines and a fax machine. Mama's going to make some 'chedda' (cheese, that is).

- Ooo...mama's 'own' money...could lead to a sweet little girly weekend...yippie!

Tell me something random about your day...

Happy Thursday!



utmomof5 said...

I registered my son fo rJr. High this morning -- I am not nearly old enough to have done that!

Are You Serious! said...

Ella is so cute! I love that, the kitty pool! I can't stand a HARD bed! So not comfy! So what kind of at home business are you starting?

Oh yeah and around here our kids don't get out of school until the 9th either however the last 3 days are teacher work days so technically their last day is tomorrow! And we started Septemeber 4th. We do get a 2 week Christmas holiday and week spring break. :)

Kelli said...

its RAINING and thats not anything new here.

Our schools dont get out until the week of the 16th to the 20th depending on make up days for snow, we dont start until after labor day and have winter break, mid winter break and a full week at spring break, its never ending breaks.

ToolSmartz said...

Miss you 2- boo-boo.

It's a different world.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish the Y was affordable here, our friend in WA pays $65.00 a month for everyone and ALL the activities are included (i.e. swim, gymnastics, dance) it is not like that here.

That is crazy that they get out that late, the kids around here have been tearing up the streets for a while now! ;( ugh I am a grouchy old neighbor.

Glad you are keeping busy too, NC is so pretty.

Yeah for your brother.

Yeah for work at home mommy!

Okay I can't keep rambling.

Debbie said...

Missed you at the game!
Check you checking account!

Sara said...

Hmmmm...lets see.. Random. My 16 month old decided he could fly and fell off the couch, onto his head, right on the hard wood floor. Not good not good.......did WONDERS for my confidence in mothering.

And yes, I DID know NC schools don't get out till June 9th. *sigh* I'm counting down the days!

The Boyds Family said...

Okay, that Ella is so cute!!! 'Kitty pool'....bwahahaha! I love it!!!

Random: I wrote my Thankful Thursday ON Thursday but I was so tired that I didn't get around to posting it until today (Saturday).