Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday's Feast

What is the weather like today where you live?

It was a Popsicle-eating, let’s-go-swimming or else just sit inside in the A/C kind of day. Actually, it was very pleasant this morning…then the sun started blazing. It was quite warm, but not unbearable like the past couple of days.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how career-minded are you?

My children are my career…so I should say 10…but that would make me Mother of the Year. I am so not Mother of the Year.

What type of window coverings do you have in your home? Blinds, curtains, shutters, etc.?

Call me crazy; I like to mix it up. I have valances, curtains and blinds…oh, and a little window in the front door that I painted to look like clear stained glass…just to blur the view.

Main Course
Name something that instantly cheers you up.

Smiling, happy, obedient children. And ice cream.

How many times do you hit the snooze button on a typical morning?

Every now and then, I’ll give it a smack once…but never twice…that I remember.

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Elaine A. said...

Oh yeah, ice cream always cheers me up too. My husband knows that is what to get from the store for me whe I've had a bad day!

This is a cute carnival thingy, I may have to do it sometime...

Are You Serious! said...

♡ Fun! I like the spiced up look too! :)

Brittany said...

I never hit my snooze more than twice, as well!! lol

Kelli said...

when i read these, I want to comment on this and that and then by the time I get to comment, I lost my mind, esp this time of day/night. hehe so I had to go back, what a dork I am. anyway, let me think again what it was... oh, I love the idea of painting the window. I wish you were closer. I need your help so much and I love your colors ect in what I have seen in your house. but then again, we are out of money. money money money the root of all evil.

Carol said...

Your weather sounds like mine. Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

happy obidient children make me smile too!

I love that you painted the glass by the front door - and you say you aren't artsy!

Bela said...

we have almost the same answer for the main course. great feast.

mine is now served. hope you can drop by:

Denise said...

Today's post is very fun. What kind of paint do you use to paint a window like you did? My mom has a small window in her bathroom that she wants blurred and that sounds like a great idea, and much less expensive than ornamental glass.

Jodi said...

Love your Main Course. I like ice cream AND obedient children both at the same time! Now that would be bliss!

The Boyds Family said...

HA HA!! The snooze button question...this may need to be my very first FF post. LOL!

Have a great weekend!

MommyBa said...

ice cream can sure cheer up someone any single day :) my favorite flavor is bubble gum :D

happy weekend!

Sara said...

You are SOOO Mother of the Year! :)

Amy said...

I want to see that window that you painted...that sounds lovely. I love stained glass.....A stained glass window is on my list of things to have one day.:)

Siani said...

I like to have a mixture of different window coverings, too. Thanks for stopping by my feast - sorry for taking so long to return the visit. Have a great week!