Thursday, June 19, 2008

When the wheels in my head turn...

Hubs and I did a lot of talking in the car on our recent trip to the coast.

I seem to always have tons of stuff floating around in my brain.

Random things. Things that can keep me from getting to sleep at night.

So we're driving along and I got quiet.

He asked me what was in my brain, and I replied something like "I'm trying to think of the smartest things to do with my new income." So we conversed about that for a while.

Then I got quiet again, so he asked, "What now?"

I replied, "I'm wondering if we should write a big check and finish off the truck note right away or just hang out and follow our previous plan." So we discussed our course of action on that.

And several times after that, for the next hour or so, I was asked, "what now?"

Sometimes it's less important stuff.

How should I cut my hair next time? It really needs to be cut, but my chick just went on maternity leave. Who's gonna do it?

I wonder if Evan needs some kind of medication that will tell his brain that he's not really hungry...again. He eats constantly.

Does that chick in that car over there have Christmas lights tattooed around her leg!?!? It certainly looks like it.

Wonder when we'll run across the next Dairy Queen?

Eventually, I asked hubs if he had anything in his brain.

He said, "Yes. I'm wondering why cows are so fat when all they eat is grass."


So what kind of things run through your mind???



Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! I am sooo glad I am not the only one with random thoughts running thru my head! Like- how with 20/20 vision can Joshua walk right into a wall? or, why does the phone always ring while you're ummm, indisposed? (and it's usually someone you NEED to talk with- like the plumber!)
Oh well, have a good day!

Amy said...

How does anybody paint their toenails and not get the polish all over their toes? ;)

Anonymous said...


We used to have to drive through lots and lots and LOTS of farm land and country to visit some family and halfway in the ride I would always ask "where do these people grocery shop?" or "Where do these people go to the hospital" my husbands FAVORITE "People die out here all the time I bet, because the ambulance can't get to them."

Seriously like clockwork going and coming I always used to say the same things, not on purpose but just because I always thought about them.

Brittany said...

You know, it's funny... My husband and I did the same thing when we were on our last trip. However, I was really worried about Andy, afterwards. He thinks the craziest things! He wondered what it would be like to make an outfit out of dorito bags. He said he seriously had thought that. Who thinks those sort of things?

Lorrie said...

I always wonder when I see the big houses what kind of job that person has who lives in the big house. And then I just tell myself they are really in debt up to their eyeballs and probably on the verge of divorce because of all the financial strain.
Nice huh!

That's a good one about the cow.

I wonder how anyone can like circus peanuts. blick!

TexasTanya said...

Ha! He just proved that it is possible to gain weight when you're only eating rabbit food (grass.)

I do the same thing on car trips down the highway or through the country. I happen to notice the package of 8 crayons, and the "Monk" in me wonders why there aren't boxes of 10 crayons. Because 10 is just a nice number...

Though lately, I've been searching for "For Sale" signs - I am longing for some acreage, preferrably with a decent home on the property... Unfortunately, the one's I've found so far aren't cheap, so it looks like we'll be livin' in the 'burbs for now.

Denise said...

Going through my mind on a trip is always, "why is there only one shoe out there on the road; where is the other one?"
Tina, I just stopped by your blog for the first time and I love it! I will be back.

Shannon said...

I have often thought of a lot of the same questions that others have commented about. While we were driving to Destin, you have, you have to go through a whole BUNCH of nothingness on the interstate(I think Alabama). No fast food places, no chain restaurants (we were hungry, okay??) and every once in while, we'd see a house. Not many. I, too, wondered where these people go shopping or where the closest mall or WALMART, no less, was to them. These are important things to me!! lol I have also wondered what kind of job the people have who live in the huge houses in the rich neighborhoods...probably not a school teacher. And I also hate those orange circus peanuts too, if that's what Lorrie was referring to in her comment. Most of my thoughts are random in the car. Like my brain goes faster than my mouth. So if I spout off something random in the car (bc I've been thinking about it), Steve will respond w/ something random also, "I like hot dogs." Then I have to explain my whole thought process.

Heather said...

Oh me too! Glad I am not the only one.

utmomof5 said...

My brain is chuck full of random crap!! My hubby has learned to not ask what I am thinking unless he wants an earful.

BTW -- my hairdresser just came back from maternity leave. It wasn't pretty when I was trying to find someone new. Good Luck with that. :)

Angie said...

Right now I am thinking about how Tina uses the word 'chick' a lot. tee hee

My mind wanders all over the map. When Brian asks me, I usually feel the need to tell him what I am thinking and the string of thoughts that got me there.


Daily Dose of Motherhood said...

This is so funny!

I do this too and am so happy to hear that I'm not the only one! A common phrase from my hubby is, "where on earth did that come from?"

Have a great day!