Saturday, July 5, 2008

Good Mail!

I've received a couple things in the mail lately and I've completely neglected to post about them!

Jen sent me this pin...did you make this?!?! What wonderful timing! This will be the perfect weekend to wear it. I love to display the pride that I have for this country! Thanks, Jen!

Next up, I received a few yummies from Kelli . Kelli is a lover of cupcakes, isn't her card cute!??
Kelli, I saw the perfect shirt at Walmart for your daughter. It reads: "Hand over the cupcakes and no one gets hurt!" It had the cutest cupcakes on it. Thank you for the treats...that chocolate pretzel job was scrumptious!!



utmomof5 said...

How fun!!! That is way better than teh bills I usually get in the mail!!!

The Boyds Family said...

Cute pen! If she made that, she really did a good job. :) And Kelli's treats were yummy.

I love good mail!

Kelli said...

OH, I am HOME with fast internet. Now I need to get caught up on reading ten days worth of blogs and do my own blogs. (along with laundry ect. hehe) I wonder which will get done first. hehe That pin is so cute.