Friday, September 5, 2008

Answers for the Questions

Last week, I asked you to throw some questions at me. I got six questions (whew) and here are the answers!

1. If your husband has a large black head or zit on his back, do you like to pop it? ;) - Amy at in my life

Blech. I do NOT like to pop them, but I will...while wearing a face mask. I do not want that thing shooting me in the face!! Gag!

2. Name one dream, you have (had) for your life, that has yet to be fulfilled. - Brittany at Mommee and Her Boys

Ok, this is crazy. Not that this is some huge, ambitious dream, but it's something I want to do. I really want to ride in a hot air balloon. I would love to fly over lovely landscapes, but a plane wouldn't be the same...and since I can't be a bird, I figure a hot air balloon would do the trick.

3. a. practical question: if you could travel to anywhere in the world and stay a month where would it be?
b. ridiculous question: have you ever had to make a fairy princess wand out of a coat hanger and tin foil while you were sitting on the toilet? (I have)heehee - Mama Mia

a. I really want to travel to another continent...mostly Australia and Europe. There is so much that God's world has to offer...I want to see some of it!

b. Not yet, but maybe my day is coming!

4. What was your first date? How did hubby/you propose to you/him? I love hearing how people got together. - ispeakbeanish

We started dating on our second day of school as Juniors in highschool. Our first date, with my friend in tow, was to see a movie (Terminal Velocity). I can't remember when/what our first alone date was...

He asked for my father's blessing to propose, and on Christmas Eve 1999, he got down on one knee in front of my whole family and asked me to be his wife. Everybody cried. Happy tears are the best!

5. Have you ever been skinny dipping? - Jodi at Beacon of Hope

Not that I can recall. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

6. How do you find time to scrapbook? I never find the time and I only have one kid!! - Lizzie at My Amazing Grace and other adventures

I certainly don't find enough time to scrapbook. For a while, I had a set night or two per month just for scrapping, but it sort of fizzled out. In the past year, I've gotten the majority of my scrapping done at a bed & breakfast retreat called Cropical Paradise. I've been 3 times and I think I've done a total of 80 pages, give or take a few. I've said before that I should do stuff after the kids go to bed at night or during nap times...but I find that I have a hundred other things that must be done during those times. I need to get back to my set night...every other Friday night or just a certain Friday each month. A night that I know belongs to me!!

If you find a good routine, please share!

Ladies, thank you for the questions! It's fun to see what inquiring minds want to know. I had fun answering these. Let me encourage each of you to do your own Q&A's fun to get to know you better!

Happy Friday!



Amy said...

I will definitely do this in the future! What fun!:)

Mia cracks me up making a fairy princess wand while sitting on the toilet.;) That woman can do it all!;)

And I loved your wedding proposal story! Sigh. I want to do a How I Met My Husband post one day soon...sigh. ;)

I'm sticking to the same skinny dipping story, by the way.;)

And Cropical Paradise sounds like fun! You really did get a lot of pages finished there...Wow!

I loved getting to know you a little better...I only wished I would have remembered to ask you my second question...."When are you going to bring my Vera Bradley purse in "Frankly Scarlet" back to me? I was just wondering.;)

Big hugs,

Brittany said...

Ohh that was fun! I completely forgot I asked you a question. ha ha. Great answer. Your are braver than I! I don't think I *could* go in a hot air balloon. Kinda turns my stomach just thinking about it! eek!

Lori said...

The "not that I recall" answer, does not sound like you are telling the whole truth! Maybe we sould ask Donald. Drive to East Tn today, we are off to Farmers Daughter for supper tonight! :>
Have a great weekend~

Mia said...

This was F-U-N! I think I will "borrow" this post idea....

Lorrie said...

Fun read. You are too silly.
I am so impressed that you have found a network of friends to share in your mommy-dom. I wish I could find some who are experiencing life with kids past toddler age. All the things you figured out while they are little are completely null and void once they reach adolescense. Whew. I hope I survive. As for scrapbooking. I started that when Alex was four I think. Yep, all that stuff is still sitting in a closet collecting dust. So good for you that you take the time to get something done that will mean something to your kids one day.
Okay, sorry for the extra long comment.
BTW, are you having a good week with your lesson. I have enjoyed this week very much.

utmomof5 said...

How in the world did I miss asking you a question!! I must have been sleeping that day (or more likley I was driving all day)!! Good answers -- maybe someday I will do this too. :)

Elaine A. said...

Love the hot air balloon idea!

And oh the scrapbooking. I SO wish I could make more time for it...

Smiling Shelly said...

Shoot! I forgot to come back and ask my question. I thought of a good one too....oh well, maybe next time.

Note to self: When you finally remember what your wonderful question was, write it down so you won't have to think of it again when the "next time" gets here.

Anonymous said...

That's a good idea. Maybe I need to set a definite night that I do something I've been wanting to do. Thanks for the post! I loved hearing about you.