Monday, December 22, 2008

Just Can't Think of a Title

A solution is on the way!! To what?

My daughter has the smallest closet in our house. Girls need BIG closets, right? (note: next home must-haves = pantry and big girl closets!) I've been thinking of getting something for Ella's room. A cabinet of some armoire, if you will, to use as extra closet space. It's not something I was praying for, but wow, God knew just what we needed.

Hubby received an email from a former co-worker. The message simply asked if we were interested...and then there was a picture. In the picture was an armoire with a tv inside. One sentence at the bottom said that it also came with a night stand. Price? Free!! Who am I to say no to that?!

We picked up the armoire, tv and nightstand Saturday morning. But that's not all. We also received a DVD player (b/c they're upgrading to Blu-ray) and a bicycle and helmet for Ella that is practically new because the little girl had zero interest in learning to ride it.

All.For.Nothing. Praise God for awesome friends!!

I think all of that makes up for the cost of putting new tires on my van last week. Yes, Merry Christmas to my Toyota!! At least we feel safer!

I will be sanding and painting the new furniture white to match Miss Ella's room...and it's going to be A-dorable! I'm so excited! Not about the work, but about the finished product that I know is coming. It will be SO cute!
And the big 'job' is over.

The Christmas musical at church, that is.

We had two performances. One Saturday night and one last night.

Things didn't seem to go according to plan Saturday night. Mr. Choir Director said he would be seating us a few times during the show. Yea. That did not happen. Over an hour later, and with numb toes from standing in heels the entire time, our first performance was over. Last night, I dug out some comfy ol' flat black shoes. No numb toes for me! And Mr. C.D. did end up seating us a few times...much better for the yappin' dogs, for sure.

I have a few small things left to pick up before Wednesday, but really, I just need to clean my house and keep it clean. (is that possible?)

The family will be coming over Wednesday night for food, food, food and a few gifts. On Thursday, we'll be going to my aunt's house for a Thanksgiving-type feast...then we'll play games and complain about how much we ate. It will be so wonderful!

So for today, I'll be doing all kinds of random stuff until tonight when we'll have dinner with friends and let the children exchange gifts. And dinner should be interesting. We're trying something WAY out of my comfort zone: Japanese! Eek!

Everything involves food. That should stop. Really. But it's yummy and fun. Hmph.



Mama Smurf said...

Do you have any more friends giving stuff away?! Cuz I could totally use a new set of patio furniture.

Happy holidays!

Amy said...

What a blessing!:) And please, tell your friends to call me some time. I'm just saying.;)

I love what you said here: "then we'll play games and complain about how much we ate. It will be so wonderful!"

My sentiments exactly!:) That is what my family always does too! Year after year. LOL!:)

Merry Christmas, sweet lady!
Big Hugs!

McFurr said...

Awesome! Gotta love FREE stuff!

Kelli said...

how exciting to get all that stuff. ANd I see on FB someone wants your wii game. Yipppee more money coming in. Merry Christmas

Alicia said...

You made out like a bandit!!!!! Good for you!!!! Can't wait to see the finished product!!!!

Have a very Merry Christmas, my friend!! HUGS!!

Elaine A. said...

Wow, that's wonderful, getting all the great stuff for Ella's room and for FREE - best word EVER! : )

Hubs & I sang in our Cmas church concert last night too and yes, the dogs were barking when it was over!

Merry Christmas Tina!

Anonymous said...

1) LOVE friends and free stuff! What a perfect addition to your daughter's room

2) You're feet are stronger than mine! I'd have never attempted a concert in heels!

3) Enjoy your week! It sounds like it will be a nice one!

Mia said...

FREE! My favorite four letter word!

Brooke said...

WOW what a deal FREE! What great people!! I love re-doing furniture...I have 2 pieces that I really need to work on!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas Tina with your beautiful family!!