Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Advice I hope to follow...

This past weekend, we attended my cousin's high school graduation.

It was a mighty big class of grads...446.

Considering that hubs and I graduated together in a class of 37, that's huge to us!!

So, we're at the graduation. It's very crowded. Each grad was only allowed so many tickets for their guests.

Before the ceremony began, we were told that the graduates had a request of us. 'They' wanted us to refrain from applause and cheers during the ceremony so that all graduates' names could be heard and so that no one would receive more attention than another grad.

This announcement was made again just before they began reading the names for diploma recipients.

For about four names, people were quiet.

And then...it turned into Cheer-Fest '09.

These grown people proceeded to whoop and hollar like a bunch of goons.

I am all for cheering for people...unless you have been asked not to. There is a time and place to have class...to respect the honor of the situation, so to speak.

My biggest issue with this??

The graduates, and any children in the crowd, all heard this 'rule', this major request...and then they heard their parents, families and friends completely disregard authority and do as they pleased.

Way to set an example, eh?

So...I will do my best to be an example to my children by obeying authority. I do not want them to learn that it is ok to buck the system whenever I please. If my kids hear someone ask me not to do something, I will try to be conscious of my behavior.

The first place I need to start?


My kids aren't the only ones watching...



utmomof 5 said...

WHY do people do that? It is like none of the other graduates matter and only the one they are there to see. I couldn't agree with you more!! UMm and the speeding thing goes for me too :)

Anonymous said...

Cruise control works wonders!!!

(oh, and yet, another reason we homeschool, God wants us to raise them up in a Godly environment with Godly people, morals, etc. :)

Kelli said...

great post! I think I will rethink my life and see where I need to ramp it up a bit for those that may be watching. Thanks for the example Tina

rthling said...

Amen! I don't know why people don't have respect for others.
It just makes me want to scream!
(but not during the graduation ceremony, of course:)

Cheryl said...

As a teacher, I wish more parents had this perspective. No wonder some kids have no respect for authority!!!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I HATE THAT TOO!!! So irritating and the worst thing is that they do the cheering and it adds on another hour or two cause they have to wait for it to quiet back down again!

purejoy said...

i know i'm in the minority here, but it's a celebration, not a funeral! my daughter and nephew graduated a few weeks back and yes, they made the same request at each of their ceremonies. and my daughter graduated in a class of 475. and she's at the end of the alphabet. so we waited a long time.
i loved how some of the graduates did a little dance or pumped their fists... they've worked hard! and if there family is there to cheer for them?? let them!
i draw the line at people speaking during the speeches (like the ingrates who sat in front of us) but when the names are called?? celebrate! lighten up already! it didn't make it last any longer, the names were still allowed to be heard. and it makes the kids feel great when they get a shout out.
our school also has a baccalaureate, a religious graduation ceremony. there was only decorum and respect at this event. as was fitting.
but at a graduation? celebrate! it's a new beginning!

purejoy said...

oops cardinal sin. i know how to spell, really i do. pet peeve #54, the spelling of their, there, they're.

if their family is there to cheer for them. . .

my bad.