Friday, May 1, 2009

Grilling Goodness - Lazy Edition


Shamelessly lifted from a 'tag' on facebook. I can't claim this as my own.

With so much going on, I have found it hard to focus on coming up with questions this I'm taking the easy route and posting things I found on FB. Sorry...I hope you don't mind.

This fill-in-the-blank doo-dad actually has 50 blanks but I'm sticking with eight...mostly so I will have more material should I have another brain-vacation soon.

So please, play along if you'd like...these are not questions, but will still help us learn more about each other!

And P.S. My answers are different here than they were on Facebook just in case some of you already saw my post there.

1. My ex is...such a distant memory. Not sure you could really say he was my 'ex' because I don't know that we were ever an exclusive couple. But he turned out to be older than he told me he was. He turned out to be a creep. And he turned out to ex. (boy will my dad be asking questions!)

2. I should learn a better student of The Word. I'm guilty of leaving It out of my day...oh how It could make my days much sweeter. My pastor says something like 'if you can't be fed only once a week physically and survive, why is it that you think you can survive being fed only once a week spiritually?' I must get better about this.

3. I love...the thought of living much closer to my best friend later this year. We are already exchanging ideas of impromptu dinners together and convenient childcare/carpool/fun. Can't wait!

4. People would say that I am...blessed. I have a great marriage. An old friend of mine has had some issues this week and it has really made me count my blessings. My husband is wonderful. Neither of us are perfect so we have our moments, but because we believe in our vows, we believe in each other and we believe in God's will for our lives, we are's a sweet security.

5. I don't understand...quantum physics. ??? I don't know. (brain-vacation)

6. When I wake up in the morning…I open one eye to look at the clock. Then I open the other eye because I have terrible vision and I need both eyes to see. Then I huff because I usually wake up before I'd like to and I'd like to go back to sleep. I huff more when the alarm goes off for hubby...and he doesn't get up...and doesn't get up...and doesn't get up...and I'm awake to keep him from oversleeping...and I might kick him...and he doesn't get up...

7. I lost...the original diamond in my engagement ring. I must've hit my hand on something that day and bent one of the prongs and my precious gem fell out. When I discovered that it was gone, I made a horrible sound in the car and burst into tears. It was horrible. My stone was replaced, free of charge, because we had a lifetime guarantee through the jeweler. What a blessing!

8. Life is full and downs. And the rollercoaster I'm riding now is all about selling my house. We've had two sets of folks say they're interested only to never hear from them again. They may show up one day...but it stinks to be let down. So now, I will not get excited until I see a signature on paper and a check in my hand.



Living on the Spit said...

Love your Grilling Goodness Fridays...this is the third one I have participated in, but the first time I am linking.

Have a great day and keep it up!!!

rthling said...

Unfortunately, as my mom says, buyers are liars.
They may not mean to be lying about how much they love your house, but by the time they get home, they are not as sure.
Stinks, but whatcha gonna do?

mary said...

I don't have a clue what quantum physics are???
We've got the good stuff too.... My husband and I can really test each other's patience sometimes but we both know we are in it for the long haul. It is rare these days to know you are unconditionally loved.
Thanks for doing these. I always enjoy reading the answers.

jenn said...

I found your blog through Amy's and decided to participate this week.

I need to read the Word more often too. I have great intentions, and then my day gets away from me...