Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Mommy Break

I didn't have to...




-pack a box.

-discipline a child.

-bathe anyone other than myself.

-make peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

-answer to Mom, Mommy, Mama or hey you (however, I was called Amy...because it sounds so much like Tina...this lady truly thought my name was Amy)

-stop scrapbooking unless I wanted to.

I had a little Mommy getaway last weekend.

A year ago, I went to Cropical Paradise with my best girlfriend and we met two awesome girls from Kentucky. We had a blast together and CP has become our meeting place. Thanks to the world of technology, blogland and facebook, we are able to keep up with each other easily. I jumped at the chance to see my friends again...so off I went, sans the best friend, to see my KY people.

We had a great time as usual. Lots of laughter. Lots of scrapping. And lots of eating. Time flies while you're there and it seems like you go from one meal to the next in no time.

There were a couple of sweet older ladies there. I sat right next to one, who, even though my name is posted on several of my belongings - and people called me by my name all weekend, still thought my name was Amy. She would start a conversation with 'So Amy...' and I would be doing whatever I was doing and realize that she was talking to me!! I should've corrected her the first time...but since I didn't, I just couldn't correct her later. One of the owners was sitting at the other end of the dinner table Friday night and said 'Hey TINA, could you pass the ketchup?' I was still Amy. My name was drawn for several prizes...'Tina wins, yay TINA!!' I was still Amy.

I could've been called worse, I know. So now, we've added to our list of one line jokes we have with the KY folks.

I will choose a few of my favorite layouts from this weekend and post them soon. I am not super excited about ALL of my pages, but they are D-O-N-E...and with things being the way they are, I probably won't have anymore D-O-N-E pages for a while.

Thank you to my hubby...he did a great job of cleaning out the garage and a few 'projects' around the house while I was gone...and he remembered to feed, bathe and care for the kiddos. You rock, babe!!



purejoy said...

too hilarious. amy!! ha!
i'm glad you got some work accomplished. i however, am merely a collector of all things scrapbook related. i have scrapbookaphobia. an interesting condition considering i am a graphic designer. i think it's the perfection in me that paralyses me. gah!
sounds like a super fun weekend!

Amy said...

I can think of alot of things worse than that, that you could be called! hehe!!! Hey I'm only being partial :)

Amy said...

I can think of alot of things worse than that, that you could be called! hehe!!! Hey I'm only being partial :)

Cheryl said...

We had a blast with you this weekend. I still giggle when I think about it. Sorry about the phone and the hair dryer!!!

Becky said...

Wow! That sounds like so much more fun than what we did around here. Mainly, took the car to the dealership and came home to unpack oldest's closet. Smelled like something had died in there. Then was so tired all I wanted to do was sit...and youngest cried for at least an hour b/c she didn't get to unpack her closet! Ahhhhhh...I haven't scrapbooked in forever. All the stuff has been packed in the shed for the last two years...when we had the house on the market two years ago. Off market now, and happy to stay. Just not sure I want to unpack it all.

JMBMOMMY said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend Amy! :) That is too funny.

Anonymous said...

That is too funny!!!!