Friday, July 31, 2009

PART of the waiting is over...

We've been waiting on the buyer's funding to be obligated...APPROVED, that is! Boy, the government sure wasn't in any hurry to get that taken care of.

The buyer's agent will get the call tomorrow for them to get the ball rolling towards closing. I suppose that means that we will hear from an inspector this next week. Then after doing whatever he tells us to do, we should be on our way outta here.

We've wiggled our apartment move-in date around a little, but I think we've settled on next weekend. That way we'll be settled before school starts.

And about the new house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They've painted the inside! It's been raining here since then so I haven't been in to take pictures, but believe me, I will.

Also, the hardwood floors are going down next week and when the rain leaves they'll be pouring our driveway. All very exciting stuff.

More than likely, our apartment living will not be expired when the house is actually finished, but we don't much care at this point. We will be where we need to be, when we need to be there.

So this weekend...we will be working hard to pack up as many non-essentials as we can...and if the rain stops, we'll be able to get them moved to storage.

I hope you have a wonderful, safe weekend!!!

I can't believe it's almost August!!!!!!!



Brittany said...

And it's all finally coming together! :) YAY! Have a fantastic weekend!

rthling said...

I know you're excited to be moving on to the next thing.

utmomof 5 said...

yea, 1 step closer to your new home!

Becky said...

YEAHHHHH! So excited for you. That, now-a-days is a big hurdle to jump over. Seems like more deals now are falling apart there rather than the inspection. God sure is crossing off the list one thing at a time! LOVE it!

JMBMOMMY said...

What a super exciting time!!!! And I agree--can't believe it is August!