Friday, August 14, 2009

It's all been in His hands...

It has been so awesome to see God confirm so many of our decisions.

We had previously tried to sell our home several times...short periods of time, but obviously, we weren't successful. At those times, we were looking in one area...certain that that was where we wanted to be. Planning where we'd build a house. Which school we'd attend.

But God said 'No'.

So we began to open up to moving to another area. This meant that our school options would be different. We trusted that if this is what God wanted for us, he would provide and open those doors. He has increased my income, therefore making it possible to do what we wanted to do concerning school and a new home.

It's really amazing.

I had a deep desire to move before school started...but we haven't closed on the house yet. We felt completely at peace with signing the apartment lease while still owning the old house...a peace that only God could give. And now, the closing is scheduled for the day after school starts. I tell you what, I would've been one bald woman if I had to move while trying to adjust to getting up and out for school everyday. Crazy. God is looking out for me...and for you guys, because seeing me with no hair would NOT be a pretty sight for your eyes to behold.

Yesterday, we found out that Ella will have a great, young, new-to-the-school teacher this year...not the one who will be taking maternity leave in a few months...and not the one who gave me bad vibes when I toured in the spring (she's gone altogether). My friend's son will have the teacher his mother wanted him to have and be in the same class as his best friend. (we're all happy campers!)

So I'm seeing them over and over again.

Confirmations from God.

Thank you, Lord, for your provisions. You are awesome and mighty...and I praise you.


And the new house....

- has cabinets

- has hardwood floors

- has the driveway and patio being poured today (can't wait to see them!!)

- is quickly becoming EXACTLY what we wanted...they are doing a great job!!

Thank you, again, God!!!



Laura Matthews said...

So happy for y'all! And I have to trust that God's got a plan for us too...we just haven't seen it yet! Congrats!!!

shopannies said...

so glad to hear things are going so right for you

McFurr said...

Yay!!! Sounds like the new house may be done sooner than Nov though.

Anonymous said...

He is amazing in His provision! We know that our house was His timing too.

Elaine A. said...

God IS good!! So glad things are working out and going smoothly with the house.

Oh Dear said...

I always want to rush God-LIKE NOW! But He does indeed know what is best and is simply waiting to put the cherry on the top!