Sunday, August 9, 2009

Moving is for the birds...

But we got it done.

Help with the kids = two parents who are moving-machines!!

We didn't have to worry about our kiddos thanks to our best friends...without their help, we would've endured lots of whining, I'm sure.

I made two trips to the apartment with my van as full as I could get it. Then I met hubs at the house when he got off work and reloaded. We also loaded his truck and trailer...and after unloading all of that, we went back for one more truck/trailer load.


I was beat. My back was about to give out. We broke one bowl and killed three fish...I really thought I broke my thumb at one point and hubs looked like he'd been in a brawl, but the goal was to move what we needed for the apartment to be our home for a few months. We accomplished the task. We are unpack and settled. We went all weekend without cable or internet. I finally got the internet yesterday just before lunch. 'Bout time.

Left at the house are all the things that can be stored until we reach our new home. Which makes me we really need those things? A few things, yes. Like my bed. We chose to just bring our springs/mattress to the apartment due to the lack of space...but there are other things that we could probably never see again and be fine.

I had this idea that I would go out there everyday this week and clean one room. Finish packing it up and clean the room. I was reminded that the kids start school very soon and since I can wait, I should wait. As of yet, there is no rush. And after a weekend of moving all the heaviest things we own, my back could use the break.

We are waiting to hear the report from the inspection we had on Friday. We need to know what needs to be replaced/repaired and how long we have to do those things...and then hopefully we'll get an official closing date.

We will eventually mosey out to the house and bring all the 'leftovers' to storage...right now, I need to enjoy the last little bit of summer I have with my kiddos...I have one starting school full-time next week...EEK!!



Elaine A. said...

Yes, enjoy the last bit of summer if you can. I can't believe school is already upon us. My oldest starts Kindergarten too! ACK!

Amy said...

I hate moving! Ugh, and to think that we are trying to move again too! I am hoping that our house will sell in the spring.

Becky said...

Both of mine start full-days next week. That sure will be different.
Glad to hear you are in your apartment now...and glad for you that it is temp!

purejoy said...

congrats on the move, and yes, wait until school starts to really do the business on the old house. you have the time, take advantage!!
if we only did that on a more regular basis. . . toss our responsibilities temporarily out the window to frolic with our children. . . it's a great idea!

Doran & Jody said...

Sounds like a lot of work!!
I too would wait til the kids are in school. Enjoy them while you can.

After my kids moved out (one has moved back in) I decided it was time to DEJUNK! I got rid of SO much stuff that I REALLY didn't need. Especially those things I MIGHT use someday. Out, gone. Do I miss them? Not in the least.

You have a perfect opportunity to clear the clutter. (Moving time) My house stays so much cleaner now that the "stuff" is out. Do I have a spotless house? Ah ha ha ha. But I can pick up and clean up a lot faster. Just keep the things you ABOSOLUTLEY need. Believe me you will have less stress and mess.

A place for everything and everything in it's place. I'm still working on one room but I am getting there. And I live in a tiny house. A bigger one would be easier to FIND a place for everything but....