Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Snaggle Tooth

I knew my days of capturing a full set of teeth in Ella's pictures were numbered. She has had a very loose tooth for a few weeks now. We told her to keep wiggling it and one of these days it would just fall out.

That day was Saturday. That evening, she and Evan were upstairs watching a movie when I hear, "Mom, you won't believe this..." I looked up to find her walking toward me with her hand out-stretched...in that hand...her tooth!!

I was very excited. She wasn't upset or freaked out...she said she pushed it out with her tongue and it felt 'weird'. What a big girl!

Daddy wasn't home when it happened, but we called him to tell him the news.

During her bath, I told her that I needed to tell her some things she would hear now. I said, "People are going to call you 'snaggle tooth'." She looked ultra puzzled by this strange word. I told her that people call every child this name when they lose teeth...they aren't trying to be mean, they are being funny and they think you're cute.

She was quite amused with this information...and then daddy walked in. The very first thing he said..."Hey snaggle tooth!!!" She busted out laughing...and I was relieved that I had just prepared her for that.

Our baby is growing so fast...next up...kindergarten!



Sara said...

Is it me or does she look grown up now?! It's funny how missing teeth can do that to a girl!

Zach just lost his two top front teeth and I'm just in awe of how fast he's growing up.

So tell me, tell me.. how much did the toothfairy bring? I need to compare it to how much she brings to our house. :)

JMBMOMMY said...

We have a loose one here too...just waiting...J can't wait for it to happen. But mom thinks they ARE TRULY growing up too fast.

mary said...

Wow! Mom instinct! Can't be beat!
What a cutie!

Katey said...

Very precious!! Now that you are back to blogging....are you going to start up your Grilling Goodness again on Fridays? I miss them =)

Anonymous said...

One of the cutest snaggle tooth smiles I've ever seen!

purejoy said...

don't know how i missed this when it happened, but SO FLIPPIN CUTE!!
look how proud she is!!
what a treasure your blog will be for your kids when they're old enough to see it.
what a great milestone.