Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I did a 5:30 AM spin class Monday morning...I can't believe I got out of bed, much less pedaled a bike for an hour that early in the morning!

2. Landscaping, blinds, touch-ups, closet shelving and clean up. That's what's left to do to the new house.

3. Ella scored two goals at soccer last night...I'm telling you, she's a machine on the field!

4. Evan successfully downed some nachos at soccer last night...I'm telling you, he's bottomless!

5. I went to a Pampered Chef show this weekend...boy do I have a list of things my new kitchen will need. I'm going to have a party when I get in the new house...it'll be a 'Come to my party for a tour of the house' kind of thing. Muahahahaha

6. Light up whirly toys at Disney on Ice are WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too expensive...and we bought them anyway.

7. I'd rather watch Monday Night Football than Dancing with the Stars this season. Weird, eh?

8. I need new shoes. My flip flops broke. My mary-jane-type Crocs were ruined. I don't like being in my tennis shoes all the time. I can't decide what to get...or where they will have something in triple-wide...

9. It's almost October...the month my 'baby' will turn Four AND the month that we'll move into our lovely new home...and end apartment life...and go to a couple's conference...

10. Oh and...I lost the diamond from my wedding ring...again. It fell out but I have no idea where. The mall. Target. Home. The car. The parking lot. I don't know. I'm not really upset. It wasn't the original. That one fell out two years ago. When I realized that one, I made a horrible noise and hubby thought I was having a heartattack or something. Zales replaced it for free because I had a lifetime guarantee. And they're doing that again. I tried to tell them that the prongs didn't seem right...guess they'd rather give me a new diamond AGAIN rather than fix the setting. Whatever. I will have a nice new diamond in 4 - 6 weeks. And hopefully a new set of prongs.

Happy Tuesday!!!



Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Have you tried Zappos.com for the shoes. I've heard they have lots of sizes AND free shipping...both ways... which is good if you have to return them!

Laura Matthews said...

Thank goodness on the diamond replacement!!! And I second Zappos. I LOVE it! The prices aren't necessarly the best but if the shipping is lickity split...literally on your porch the NEXT day! So great to see you Sunday! Hope you have recovered from your "commute"!!

Elaine A. said...

Yay for October!! : )

Glad they will replace your diamond, no problem and Go Ella, soccer star!!!

Oh Dear said...

I have wide feet as well. I would probably wear a ladies sz. 7 but find that a child's size 6 works great. They are wider and cheeper! It works for tennis shoes at least. If you are a Hannah Montana fan then you will be in luck!!!

Sure hope the person that finds the diamond knows what it is. My ring has been laying in a box because I messed it up a couple of years ago. They repaired it and it has not been the same. We take it back to where we got it-but he proposed while in college, got it at an independent dealer and we no longer live in that state. (I am pretty sure that is a run on sentence!) I will be taking a road trip in a couple of days to go back and pick it up!

Anonymous said...

so happy for YOU that you are enjoying spin class. . .I spin in my dreams sista.

SO GLAD YOU went to a Pampered Chef show and realized how fabulous it is and how fabulous it will all be in your kitchen!