Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-In

Thought I'd throw out a few random topics to see what you think. Comment about whichever ones you'd like!!!

I opened a can of worms with one of these topics yesterday on

1. The Duggars are expecting their 19th child (and their first grandchild...who will be older than this new baby).

2. School...since school has started...with just ONE of my children in school outside the home everyday, I sort of feel like I'm on 'Spin Cycle' during the week. What about you?

3. If you had a nice chunk of money, what do you think the best place for it would be?

4. Do you like to dip your fries in your Frosty?



McFurr said...

1. Better them than me. They're kind of a freak of nature but seem to have it together so I can't say anything bad about them.

2. I only have 1 child and I often feel that way.

3. For me it would be spent on a newer car (not a brand new car though).

4. No I do not. I hardly ever eat at Wendy's, I think it has went downhill. But Bailey does dip her fries in her frosty.

rthling said...

Yeesh! Did you ever open one!
1. Congratulations to the Duggars, because they are doing what works for THEIR family.
2. Did you know that it's possible to feel like you are on spin cycle even when your kids stay home for school? Especially now that one of mine has to be at swim practice every afternoon for two hours!
3. I wouldn't know what to do with a chunk of money, considering I've never had one. If it was a temporary thing, like your situation, putting it in the bank might be my solution. But if it was more long term, I'd probably want to put it somewhere I couldn't get my hands on too readily. I'm a quick spender, and Shawn is a big spender. (for big things)
4. Of course I dip my fries in my frosty! Yummy! I never knew that other people did that until I found a fan page for it on facebook.

ToolSmartz said...

1 - What else do they do?

2 - Not applicable...

3 - Under the mattress, in a cardboard box...anywhere that can't find.

4 - Heck no- that's nasty...

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

1. While I could never see myself having 19 kids, I do have to give them credit. Their kids appear to be helpful, kind and well-behaved and the Duggars are able to support all of their children.

2. I'm enjoying the spin cycle!

3. The bank! (After I bought a new couch.)

4. Gross!

Kelli said...

I love fries in a frosty or any shake

Suzanne said...

My 2 oldest are in school and the youngest now goes half day 4 days a week.
I spend my 3 hour mornings running around getting things done uninterrupted and then wondering , gee that went fast!

utmomof 5 said...

1. I think it is great. Better them than me but that is a whole nother subject. Their kids seem well behaved and they a financially responsible for the kids they have!
2. Not too much but my kids ride their bikes to and from school. It makes it MUCH easier :)
3. I pay off one of my houses. Yes, we are still playing that fun game. Stupid housing market!
4.Oh my YES!!! Way better than ketchup :)

Elaine A. said...

I'm bored with the Duggars. Keep having kids, whatever, I don't care. Kinda like Jon & Kate. Don't care about that either.

And no, no fries in my frosty! But LOTS of ketchup please!

Brittany said...

1) Good for them. I couldn't see myself doing that, but God certainly has a plan for them to do so! So, that is awesome for them! :)

2)We cannot seem to get into a groove. We have no real routine yet, and that is NOT good for the kiddos. Hopefully we can get into a routine soon!

3) who knows? I am sure we'd pay off the house, the cars, and then stash the rest.

4) My husband must now go get this pregnant woman fries and a frosty.... Thankfully, Wendy's is an Ohio grown company, and there is literally one on every corner. :)

Oh Dear said...

1.After 10, whose counting! I wonder if it gets easier, you know, the more the merrier. Think I will run this past My Dear.

2. No more than usual. (maybe because we homeschool.)

3. Get out of debt! Pay outright for a mission trip to Vietnam this Spring and bring a baby (or 2) home with me!!!

4. Fries in Frosty-in middle school when I could eat fries a frosty without wearing it around my middle!

Anonymous said...

mcFurr - by calling them a freak of nature, aren' you saying something bad about them?

Katey said...

I LOVE LOVE dipping my fries in my frosty...very good!

I didn't know the Duggars were expecting a about the grandchild...that's, well, all i can say is WOW!