Monday, October 12, 2009

Bargains, bargains, bargains!!

We had a wonderful weekend of fabulous finds!!

Hubs and I went out on a quest for master bedroom bedding.

At Bed, Bath & Beyond, we did not find anything that we loved in the bedding department...however, there are tons of other wonderful things we'd love to have. One thing in particular was a pot rack to hang over the island in the new house. We found one on clearance for 20% off. We then asked a clerk if we could use a 20% off coupon for an additional discount...the answer? YES! Now we had to find a coupon....we'll come back later.

At Sears, the bedding selection was blah, so we mozied over to the appliances to measure the fridge we had purchased a month ago....just wanted to remind myself how big it was, really. We found that the 'deal' we had gotten was not the best deal. The fridge was on sale...over $200 difference!! We needed our receipt to get a price adjustment...we'll have to come back later.

We hit the Vera Bradley store...made a purchase...not a bargain...moving on! ha!

Back through Sears, hubs found a tie on sale...and some jeans. Young dude at the register rang up the tie...for $0.00. No questions, no investigation...he said 'guess it's free' and put it in the bag! Tell the truth...can you see a sweet older lady making that decision? "Oh my, I need to go check on just can't be"...and twenty minutes later, you're paying something for the tie.

Cutting the long story a little short, we went back to BB&B and bought the pot rack for a total of 40% off. We went back to Sears and got over $200 back for the fridge. We hopped right over to JC Penney's where we found some lovely bedding that we both loved and the window treatments to match...which rang up for $5 less than we thought they would...AND we found a few coupons sitting at the register to save a total of $30.

There are plenty of things to buy for the house...but so far, we have gotten a deal on everything!

Furniture, our bedding, the kids' bedding, appliances and a pot rack...everything has been on sale or we've had a coupon. This is incredible.

May it continue!!!

Next up, a set of frames at Kohls...and I have a coupon!



rthling said...

Love me a good bargain!

utmomof 5 said...

It sounds like you may have actually made money while out!! Nice work. A good bargain makes me so happy, whether it is for me or someone else!!

Oh Dear said...

LOVE bargains! Congrats to you! So smart of you to get your $200 back at Sears too! That is a chunk of change!

ispeakbeanish said...

That is my kind of shopping, Girl!

Doran & Jody said...

Great job bargain hunters!!!
My favorite place to get bedding was Mervyns. Dang people to go out of business. Now what? Guess I will live with mine until they are ratty and falling apart.

Can't wait to see your finished projects!!

Anonymous said...

I love to see all the deals God is giving you guys from the house, to a pot rack, to appliances! What a blessing!