Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I love my dad...and he took yesterday's post VERY well! That old man! LOL

2. We went to our zoo last night to see their lights display. I thought it would've been better.

3. I am so happy that hubby was easy for me to buy for this year. And I didn't get everything I wanted to get for him.

4. I'm hosting Christmas Day at our house. A little unexpectedly, but it'll be fine.

5. I asked Ella one last time what she wanted for Christmas. She responded with the ONE thing I have avoided buying...simply because it's so similar to something she already has. But I 'need' one more gift for her...so I suppose her request will be fulfilled.

6. I have forgotten to get the kids' traditional stocking stuffer...new undies. It's on my list.

7. Hubby and I haven't wrapped gifts yet. It's not my favorite activity. I'm procrastinating. Big time.

8. I hope to start off the new year with a new blog design...something simple. Don't be shocked when you 'see' me on the 1st.

9. My car really needs a good scrubbin'.

10. I love my husband. Just so you know. :-)



Suzanne said...

A new blog design? I can't wait! That's exciting! Tina, do you know of any good hosting sites for a church website? My church has asked me to start one for them and I'm not sure if this is a .org or if this is considered non-profit or whatever!?
Anyway, any help or direction would be great! Thanks!

utmomof 5 said...

I love a new blog design!!!

Hey, I love my husband too! What a coincidence :)

Anonymous said...

I totally forgot about stocking stuffers...until this morning while I was baking bread & cookies. Oh well, I guess we can do without the stuffers for one year.