Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh yea...I have a blog!

I did not intend to go so long between updates...good grief.

I've been trying hard to stick to my new schedule...and the 'new' things that I put into that schedule have been my focus. Not the blog.

Bad blogger. Bad.

So let's catch up.

The family is great. We're all well...and as crazy as usual. January has been full of birthday parties and organizing.

My birthday is next week. So is my best friend's. We're hoping the husbands took our not-even-one-bit-subtle hint that we want a spa day. Mmm...massage...facial...pedicure. Mmmm.

I tackled my closet about a week ago. I don't believe there's anything in there that doesn't belong...certainly no more boxes! Hubby's closet is another story. (love you, honey!)

My to-paint list has become an obsession. There are three bathrooms left to paint...but I'm really only focused on two of them for now. The kids and I are about to go get paint!! I also want my office painted. It'll be a slate-ish blue...I heart blue! I've ordered a new bookcase/file cabinet for the office. I can't wait to be organized again. It's driving me so crazy that I got out the label maker, folders and stacks of paper to attack the mess this weekend. It's all filed neatly in a paper box just waiting for the new piece to arrive. An orderly office is in my future!

And then there's taxes...which I plan to blog about separately. Stay tuned...



Becky said...

did you change the look of your blog again, or am I just not used to it yet.
Hope you get everything done on your list.
If I were closer I would come help you paint. I will miss being able to change wall colors whenever I want.

Tim said...

So glad your back! I missed reading your updates on life (even though I see you once a week... it is still nice to read your blog!) Happy Painting!
Lindsey Rowland

Suzanne said...

You know I'm waiting for pictures. Just another thing to add to your "To Do" list! :)