Monday, February 1, 2010

Productive weekend

I'd say we were 'snowed' in, but really, we were iced in.

Everything around town shut town Friday because things were going to get ugly.

And we don't have snowplows in the south.

Hubby stalled leaving for work Friday morning just long enough to get the call that the base was shut down. (Yahoo! LOVE it when he gets snow days!)

Ella was out of school for the day. All of our evening activities were cancelled.

So we were in.

And we were together.

Ella sweetly asked her daddy to paint her bathroom, so while he tackled that project, I tackled the kids' rooms, big time. I did some reorganizing of toys, I unpacked anything that, ahem, should've been unpacked months ago, and I helped decorate. (I'll post pictures soon!)

So the upstairs is just about finished. One more bathroom to paint and a little more decorating to do...and I'll be able to call it done.

Sure does feel nice to have several more things marked off the to-do list!

How was your weekend???


Suzanne said...

Read my post Tina, I think my weekend was the opposite of yours! :(

癢癢 said...


utmomof 5 said...

Can't wait to see pictures. My weekend was busy but all that did was make my house a mess!!