Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Number 3 has left the 'building'!!

Sweet Ella lost her third tooth yesterday!!

We've been working on that tooth for weeks. Wiggling and wiggling. Trying to pull it. She's so brave!!!

I got an email from her teacher yesterday telling me that it was bleeding so she pulled it for Ella.

Daddy said "Say what!??! I've been working on that tooth everyday and Miss T gets the glory!?!?"

What a memory for Ella and her teacher!!

I'm just glad it's out...now we'll move on to the other three she has loose.

She will soon have to take a break from pears and pizza!!

***Oh...and my baby girl will be six on Friday! Can't wait!!***


Tim said...

WOW, Daniel is almost 7 and has not lost even one tooth! I can't say I am too sad though, the thought of wiggly, bleeding teeth kinda grosses me out! Happy Birthday Ella!
Lindsey Rowland

Lizzie said...

Teeth falling out!! oh boy, I am not looking forward to that stage! Happy Birthday to Ella!