Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Zoo - Take Two

It was Wet 'n' Wild night for Zoo Members...meaning the kids get to swim! Where?? In the Reflecting Pool - where people throw change - and in the 'Nile River'. The River is sort of reserved for the older kids so we got to play in the Reflecting Pool. Pool = Money = Evan diving for coins!! He loved it! He was hot, but chillin' with his friendly bag of Doritos when along came time to about a happy camper! I forgot Ella's swimsuit - I had to assure her it was ok for her to get her clothes all wet...and in she went. Ella got to pet an Iguana, too! I know you'll enjoy these pictures:


TRM said...

So how much cash did Evan rake in???

Shannon said...

I love the pictures of the kids. The one with Ella's feet up is priceless. It should be in a frame...or on a scrapbook page. The zoo pics are wonderful too. I like the butterfly one. Did Donald ever take photography classes?