Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Zoo - Take One

We went to the zoo the other day...all four of us...and we had a great time! Ella was on her best behavior - and since we've been told that the three's are worse than the two's, we REALLY appreciate this! Evan, well, he'll enjoy it more when he's a little older - don't get me wrong, he had a good time - sitting in the stroller with a bag of Doritos all to himself!! WHY I didn't get a picture of that is beyond me. The Tigers were out where we could see them well. The new Butterfly Garden is open. In general, the animals cooperated for our viewing pleasure. Here are a few of our best pictures - Donald does a fantastic job with the camera.


TRM said... that a self-potrait of Donald in the lower right corner?

Or one of my old high-school pix?? :-)


Anonymous said...

WOW -- he DOES do a good job! what kind of camera is it???