Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Guess I haven't posted anything in a couple of days now...we have been BUSY!! First Baptist is having VBS this week - I'm taking the low road and just helping out with snacks...but there's still the matter of getting me and the babes ready every day to get out of here to there. We're not use to not staying home, watching a little Dora and Diego, jumping on the couch, and snatching toys from each other. (now they get to take toys from other kids all week! :) ) I imagine by Friday we will all be zonked.
Also, Donald and I have been shopping the past two evenings. If you've seen the before/after pictures in the previous posts, you can well imagine that some of our old clothes are droopy, saggy, baggy, frumpy, dumpy, and whatever else you'd like to call them. We were both in need of a new wardrobe - what a wonderful problem!! Donald and I hit Penney's, Kohl's, Gordman's and Target. We found some great deals - I even found shoes for my triple wide feet!! haha Shopping hasn't been so much fun in the past, but we've had a blast shopping for our new sizes. We are both thrilled and hope to only get smaller. AND!! There's another reason we need new clothes! We're going on a cruise! We will leave next Thursday for Orlando and the boat leaves Friday - our aunt Rhonda will be keeping the kids, with help from our cousin Rebecca. We are headed out on an ADULT trip with three other couples and we are absolutely pumped about it! We'll be going to the Bahamas - Nassau and Coca Cay. I can't wait!! This will be our first cruise and I'm hearing a lot about the food. 24/7 food. Wow! Donald and I have already vowed to hit the workout room each morning so we can feel a little less guilty about eating whatever we want...we'd like to not gain 10lbs in the process. We are so looking forward to a relaxing trip with our friends...minus children (love ya, but sorry kids). Evan may not really care...but Ella will certainly be looking for a present when we get home. Can you say spoiled??

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