Sunday, June 3, 2007

Oh no she didn't...!!!

Oh but she did. Ella said something so not cute. And she said it to me, her mother. Nothing that requires me to use symbols like #*%#!^@# or anything. Nothing that Donald or I have EVER said to her. But it's something that will DEFINITELY get her little self in big trouble. Shut up. That's it. She told me to shut up. We were at dinner with the Martins after church tonight and I was chatting with Caryn when she told me TWICE to shut up. You should've seen Donald!! (I didn't hear her, but she was right next to Daddy) He jerked her up and went out for a little 'discussion' about those two little words. There is no telling where she picked it up...the playground or a really is everywhere. I'm pretty sure she had no clue that it was not a nice thing to say...but she was enlightened. This comes with the age - the 'Sponge Age'. She soaks up everything and it's bound to spill out at some point...let's just hope she has learned her lesson about this one...and that the next one isn't something FAR more gasp-worthy!


Anonymous said...

uh oh! i am trying to "train" myself to say "geez louise" instead of something more racy in front of pierce in moments of frustration...need to kick the habit NOW before he turns into a sponge!


TRM said... time she'll be griping about not having any clothes....hahaha