Friday, June 22, 2007

Our little artist...

So I laid the children down for their nap not long ago. I was walking through the living room, picking up anything that didn't belong...just trying to clean up before the 'tornado' comes through again. As I reached for the next object, The MagnaDoodle, I chuckled aloud at what I saw. Ella had been writing on it this morning. She learned how to write my name, Daddy's name and Evan's name. But this time, my dear daughter drew a picture. It wasn't a butterfly or flower...not even a simple smiley face. It was a picture of her Papa Tom, yea, that's it!! HAHA. I don't know WHO it is, but it's her version of drawing a person...I will be first in line to encourage her imagination and creativity - so here we go! Great job, Ella!

Lovely, isn't it??

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