Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cruise Slideshow

Here it is friends and neighbors! These are some of the pictures from our little getaway. We really had a good time!! We got to be Tina and Donald instead of Mommy and Daddy for a few's nice to be reminded that we're more than just diaper changing, dinner cooking, mediating parents. We appreciate Rhonda and Rebecca for taking care of our sweet babes more than they know!!

*The Stingray at Atlantis - wow! There was quite a commotion when this guy came swimming through the aquarium. I had no idea a stingray could get so joke, he was 6 feet wide and about 15 feet long...that's bigger than some cars!!
**The Lizard was on my shirt when we came back from splashing around in the ocean...Ford picked up the shirt for us to all examine the little guy. Lo and behold, the phrase 'Leaping Lizards' is true. That little dude jumped off my shirt right at me...I screamed like a sissy, I can't lie! But no...I didn't wet my pants! haha

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