Thursday, June 14, 2007

Prayer Requests and Bon Voyage!

Hello all! Today is the day! We're flying to Orlando in just a few hours! YAHOO! Please pray for our safety, to, from and during the cruise. Please don't pray for it to rain...that would be terrible and you might get hit by lightning! Please pray for my children and my Aunt Rhonda and cousin Rebecca as they 'move-in' to our house for the next few days. My kids adore them - they will have fun, I'm certain. We will be home Monday celebrate Father's Day a day late. Love to you all. Take care, we'll holler at you when we return! Bon Voyage!

**While we're doing prayer requests - please pray for my friend's brother. He is having a pacemaker put in tomorrow...his name is Chad and he's 33 yrs old.

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