Monday, June 18, 2007

We're Baaa-AAAck!

We've made it back from our wonderful cruise!! We had a great time and made some hilarious memories...we went with a bunch of nuts. We are sort of crazy, but we found some folks who are even crazier! It was great to meet some new people that we can now call friends. We did some shopping, eating, swimming, eating, walking, eating, hammock-swinging, eating, volleyball-ing, eating, eating, eating, and eating. Seems like everytime we left our tiny cabin we were going to eat. Our bellies stayed full and we'd really like to not look at anymore food the rest of this week. Whew! We saw beautiful waters, awesome palm trees and superior beaches...puts Gulf Shores to shame! Donald and I did work out in the gym a couple of times - we just couldn't keep up with the calorie intake. Our favorite place on the ship was Ben & Jerry's...we had ice cream everyday, sometimes MULTIPLE times! The best! Our favorite place off the ship had to be the hammocks on Coca Cay. Just swinging beneath the palm trees......when can I go again? We got a little sun, and I dare say we're not even in pain anymore. That's an accomplishment for two super-whities!! haha!
These are the pictures we purchased on the cruise...Formal night was after we got most of our sun. Sun + us = Lobster Pictures! I'll get to work on formatting our personal pictures to post really soon.

Couples l-r: Mark & Lori, Ford & Angela, Kevin & Debbie, Us

My favorite picture!

If only I could've convinced Donald to wear makeup like me...

Formal Night

We all clean up nice, huh?


Shannon said...

Glad you both had a good time. At least you got some cute pictures of the new and improved Donald and Tina! :D

KarenM said...

Man, those are some FABULOUS pictures...I can't wait to see more. Look at y'all all skinny and dressed up! Yes, y'all do clean up well. I see that y'all did Ella, Evan, Aunt Rhonda, and Rebecca do? I look forward to hearing more.