Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Let's Reminisce...

I've been having a blogging shortage...we've not done too much in the past couple of days. People are starting to talk - and give me grief for having not posted anything in nearly a week...and I say, give me a break!! haha.

Happy 10th Anniversary today, to our friends Amy and Jeff, and tomorrow to Kevin and Debbie! Congratulations to all of you!

Donald has a trip coming up. He leaves next Tuesday for CA for Armed Forces Triathalon. He is excited b/c he will see some folks who haven't seen him since last year...they will be amazed at his new body. He will also meet 'The Bachelor' (from the reality tv show, for those who aren't into tv much) in person again. Andy is a Navy Doctor and has been on Donald's team before. Donald is happy to welcome him back. Now that Donald is a cyclist, he'll be a little more into the event...not to mention the bike-envy he is sure to have. There will be some VERY expensive machines out there.

For lack of anything substantial to post, I decided that it might be fun to look back at a few photos of the kids.

I think Evan was about two months old here...I took it with my camera phone, and sent it to Donald while he was out of town.

He was a little more than two months old here.

Ella is six months old in both of these photos.

I promise to try to find something more blog-worthy soon.

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Anonymous said...

ok, i confess - i watched the bachelor this go-round...SO is andy still with tessa?????

laura : )