Thursday, July 12, 2007

Turtle, Turtle

Debbie has two nephews in town this week...they brought two tiny turtles, plus an aquarium to keep them in. So Benjamin now has a couple of pets. We met Thing 1 and Thing 2 on Monday. Well, being the curious teenagers they are, the nephews went to a nearby 'pond' and ended up wrangling a few more turtles...I think it's like SEVEN more and two Debbie is running a Reptile Refuge! When we got to Debbie's today everyone was looking at the turtles...but they weren't in the aquarium. They have moved on up to the East a deluxe their KIDDIE POOL!!! This is hilarious to me! Ella was all excited and went out with the boys for a peek. Later she tells me that she touched one. I'm in disbelief! I couldn't imagine her not being a 'girl' about the whole thing - but I asked the boys and they confirmed that she had pet her first turtle. I missed out once, but not the second time. Does everyone know that I got a new camera before the cruise? One that fits so nicely in my purse; therefore, it's with me ALL the time? Now you here goes!

No...the big one isn't real, as I so stupidly thought. :) There were three big PLASTIC turtles floating around the pool...I'm a dufus.

Not quite the Crocodile Hunter (R.I.P. Steve Irwin), but that girl has caught a turtle! Evan had second thoughts about touching the turtles more than once. He had his own agenda...

Evan wasn't very impressed with the turtles...he just wanted to get wet. We told him 'no' a few times...and the next thing we knew, he was splashing us...from the other kiddie pool, not the poopy turtle pool. Slick. He had himself a pool party...and you should've seen his diaper swelling with water!! And as usual, these pictures weren't taken without the yelling of 'Cheese'. He's such a mess.

Ella may love turtles...and dogs...and kitties...and fish...but Mama still doesn't want a pet for now. Cross us off your 'I think they'd be a good family for "insert cheesy pet name here"...' list. Thanks. :)

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