Thursday, August 9, 2007

Let's clean those teeth!

Yesterday we took Ella for her first dental visit. We weren't sure what to Daddy took off work to go with us...he has a way of calming her down that Mommy doesn't have. We've been telling her this event was coming soon, and I showed her pictures of the office online, so she was sort of prepared. AND, somehow we managed not to watch 'Finding Nemo' lately...anyone who's seen it knows about the dentist office scene that 'could' scare a child! ha!

Ella did great, from the waiting room to the actual visit. She never got upset, only a little apprehensive. The hygenist, Debbie, was very sweet and gentle. She decided not to make Ella lay down for the cleaning (which was really just a brushing) because she didn't want to freak her out and hate coming back. Ella was excited to pick out a toy...and then the dentist came out to see her. This part was the rockiest...Dr. Freeman said he would get Mom a chair so Ella could sit with me. It took her a minute to warm up to him, but since he had a 'Dora' toothbrush to check her teeth with, she dropped her jaw and let him do his job. Dr. Freeman told Ella that she should stop sucking her thumb - and that if she doesn't stop before she's 5, he will ask that we let him intervene. She's been reminding us what he maybe it'll make a difference.

Overall, it was a fine experience...

Waiting room friend - a giraffe bigger than Ella!

Squirting the 'Water Gun' - on the floor! Usually a no-no, so it was extra fun.

Dr. Freeman says she's A-Ok!!

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Boyd's said...

Oh boy! Fun at the dentist.

You may really want to take his advice on working to help her stop sucking her thumb. I'm about to have to pay the price for Kayla sucking hers for so long. :(

Finally got her to stop with a bribe!!